Excellent enterprise e-commerce to promote the project to accelerate the integration of Nanjing City

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in today’s world, the wave of information technology sweeping the globe, the penetration of information technology into the field of industry, reshaping the traditional mode of production and business model, the formation of a modern industrial system. Congress clearly put forward to vigorously promote the integration of informatization and industrialization ", to this end, the Ministry of industry recently established including Nanjing eight city and the region as" the first batch of national informatization and industrialization fusion zone to promote. Combined with their own actual characteristics of Nanjing City, has developed a series of implementation plan, and one of the outstanding enterprises in e-commerce to promote the project, due to the benefit of many excellent enterprises in Nanjing City, so in the background of the global economic crisis, particularly conspicuous.

in May 22nd at the "integration of national informatization and industrialization in Nanjing city test area awarding ceremony of the two promotion conference, the Nanjing Municipal Economic Commission and the focus of Polytron Technologies Inc (Chinese manufacturing network) signed a" memorandum of excellent enterprise e-commerce to promote the project cooperation. The meeting also held the Ministry for the integration of the two Nanjing test area award, the integration of the two demonstration enterprise award and the integration of the two other key project signing ceremony, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology Yang Xueshan and Jiangsu provincial Party committee, Nanjing municipal Party committee secretary Zhu Shanlu attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

Nanjing is currently in a critical period of adjustment and transformation upgrade, to tackle tough leap, which determines that Nanjing needs more than ever to accelerate the integration of the two, to promote industrial upgrading. In order to give full play to the exemplary role of leading enterprises in Nanjing, the industrial "fifty strong", high growth technology innovative "100 excellent enterprise" and "the new one hundred billion enterprise" as the focus, by encouraging this batch of key demonstration enterprises to increase their information construction, to promote the popularization of "two integration" mode in the whole success in the field of industry. While the "excellent enterprise e-commerce to promote the project, is the Nanjing Municipal Economic Commission, the spirit of" government promotion, enterprise operation, win-win principle, and Chinese manufacturing network (Made-in-China.com) with a major initiative to outstanding enterprises in Nanjing city to strengthen the construction of information technology and the introduction of.

implementation of this project, will speed up the process of Nanjing city industrial enterprises, expand business transactions, the use of e-commerce to develop domestic and foreign markets, to enhance the Nanjing city industrial enterprise informationization level and market competitiveness. In order to help the enterprises to cultivate the applied talents in electronic commerce, the two sides also jointly launched e-commerce training, e-commerce free training for business leaders and business personnel, actively use e-commerce to explore the market leading enterprise. It is reported that the project plans to use 3 years of time, effectively improve the level of e-commerce application B2B the status quo of Nanjing enterprises, promote industrial enterprises in Nanjing city by means of China manufacturing network e-commerce platform to expand domestic and foreign markets.

so, why the Nanjing Municipal Economic Commission will choose China manufacturing network to cooperate? That is because they have rich experience in cooperation with the government in September 2008, China manufacturing network and take the lead in Jiangsu foreign trade and economic cooperation department cooperation.

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