Reflect on the O2O model why no flying pigs

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O2O, one of the symbols currently the hottest Internet this year, according to the transformation of traditional industries, mobile localization services and so on, almost as long as it is a model to a O2O gene stall, it seems that this is the most fashionable business investment in the financial sector, that is the air, but it is difficult to see the sky benchmarking. Why?

O2O gene: electricity providers, regions, services Trinity

first, we must first recognize that O2O is a certain transaction attributes, the process of online transactions, to the electricity supplier attributes, but the difference with the traditional electronic business platform B2C, C2C etc., is that the O2O localization of life services based on regional attributes.

whether SF hey, Vanke or live here, or buzz and affordable O2O projects, have a common feature: the end user of the last mile service based on, this is a very obvious geographical mark. From the practical point of view, similar to the hey off entity O2O mode, the radiation range is based on the service area within 3 km diameter.

the last mile to solve, is an important aspect of O2O, but it can not fully explain the refinement of services based on regional localization, electricity supplier transactions O2O meaning.

O2O platform: Paradox of quantity and quality

regardless of any of the Internet products, they want to quickly become a platform for hundreds of millions of users, but based on the obvious regional attributes of O2O, especially localized services, the number is fragmented.

For example: a

District 1500, the occupancy rate of 90%, about 4050 people, the last mile service group is the 4050 target customers, there are 3 similar assumptions surrounding area, service crowd of about 12000 people, but in fact, the more than 10 thousand target customers to promote transformation is a very complex thing, more what about the follow-up service.

platform for O2O ten thousand users, but the depth of service level an utterly inadequate measure, hundreds of millions of users and is far behind, so the difference of O2O and localization of O2O platform is the depth and quality of service.

from this point of view, regardless of the platform level O2O or localization of O2O, you need to solve two problems: standardization and big data.

we all know, similar to KFC and other Western fast food, have strict time control, over a certain period of time the product can be discarded, will not sell. Clear regional identity based on local services, it is particularly important to establish similar service standards, like Vanke property have similar independent departments, called the quality management department, the department often unannounced visits, such as running a small gate, to see whether the security interception, over the wall into the area, to see whether the security system to play a role, and even see the trash, if it is found that more than 24 hours of untreated waste, the manager fired on the spot, the service quality system is similar, many Internet Co do not have. < >

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