Advice for marketers find the right way to use word-of-mouth media

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is more effective than word of mouth advertising. This may be a sad thing for many digital advertisers, but it is becoming a reality. The impact of consumer word of mouth on public awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the customer’s brand is at an alarming rate, and social media makes this phenomenon more direct.

consumers will talk to each other, and the listener will hear those eager to use their products. Now in the United States, consumers will be talking about 3 million 300 thousand times the brand, the brand will also be mentioned in the dialogue with the brand in the 2 million 400 thousand. 54% of consumers purchase decision according to reputation, because these consumers in 49% that network WOM has "high reliability"; in contrast, 59% of people believe that line face to face under the reputation with "high reliability".

this word of mouth marketing model is often referred to as the "free media", the reason is obvious: to make voluntary consumer advocacy, we must work hard to get the favor of consumers. Like many other things that are hard to get, it’s worth it. According to the word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) study, in all brand related word-of-mouth conversations, 6% of the conversation was "positive"". It also makes these talks very profitable, especially in considering the purchase of products.

Unfortunately, it’s one thing to understand the importance of word of mouth marketing to the brand, and it’s another thing to really do that. There’s a big difference between the. Brands to invite their customers to their friends to promote its positive brand experience (they think, for consumers to carry on the questionnaire survey, to see if they could recommend to friends is a good way of word-of-mouth marketing), but there is no guarantee that they can become the product for the consumer word of mouth. We want to know what consumers share their stories with others, and believe that our advertising, quality products and good customer service can be combined successfully.

this week, NetShelter, an advertising network and digital technology company, launched a product called "inPowered story". The product is committed to the media buyers to ensure that their brand will be talked about. Compared with the cost of advertising per thousand people to buy the way, this option can only be purchased after the consumer has shared the story of the sponsor asked advertisers to pay. In other words, the brand is no longer the eyes of consumers to buy, but the purchase is more likely to share the conversion of the theory.

this advertising platform is built based on sponsorship stories. These sponsorship ads appear in the NetShelter specific technology web site and blog content. The author of NetShelter and blog writing and advertising brand planning according to the story, not only can be used by social media channels to share, but also can recommend the "share" sponsored stories to share, in addition it can also provide consumers with the brand advertising > mutual

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