Let the power of the email marketing with six key elements

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look at a conversation:

U-Mail: How’s the mail marketing going?

users: I have used the force.

U-Mail: do you have more than half a year to sum up the experience of the promotion of


users: Ghost know through what, anyway, written on the mass chant, sometimes watch the effect that


U-Mail: do you think there is a phenomenon of U-Mail mail delivery platform can not be served? Feel reasonable charges


users: No, as long as the address is almost served, and according to the success of the amount of billing, I have been very satisfied.

U-Mail: how do you evaluate their experience in the promotion of more than half a year?

users: I do not believe they can go today!

U-Mail: so did we muddle along without any aim? Look at the website? Do the effect of tracking and improve


users: no no, maybe because we are too busy to work.



reader is not very familiar with? Oh, some users do marketing effect is not ideal, but they often do not explore the deep-seated reasons, although the results you used a "field force", but the U-Mail mail message platform in your hands and not play "the force", the real master should be good at leveraging the power of their own, 42 jack, get in the hands of the tools to make full use of their advantages. Well, U-Mail marketing expert Liu Gong and Lu EDM over email marketing several key links:

a, determine marketing objectives:

is simple, specific, executable, targeted, the enterprise is to fly up, still maintain old customers feelings, or promotion of products / services? Different strategies to send bulk mail style, content, time and cycle are different.

two, select high-quality mail marketing platform

Because the

mailing usually takes a long time, whether it is the promotion of goods or maintain the feelings are so; so in the choice of tools must be careful, one is the requirement that the ISP reputation is very high, the two is able to handle large, long-term, frequent transmission needs, is to ensure that the delivery rate of three; in the three aspects of U-Mail email platform impeccable.

three, the details of the details of the mass mailing:

1 mail header contains keywords, readable, concise and comprehensive value which purport and the other available, can use U-Mail email platform "Settings" function to the mail character;

2 pictures with the right amount, the beginning of the role of the collection, the contents of the layout level clear, concise copy, logical progression, fully demonstrated the design >

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