How to make the site traffic soared

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you may have a home of their own online, it through your careful "care", has a novel design, unique creative interface, and rich in content, reasonable structure. Arguably, this "home" visit should be a lot of. But when you see their homes every day only a pitiful few guests, you may get a look of frustration, what is the reason? This is mainly because of your own homepage lack of publicity, the publicity of how to make their own home, hard to set up a personal homepage the world famous? We need the "principal" to take the initiative to expand publicity, improve the visibility of the site. Here, according to their own experience, to recommend a number of online publicity on their own home page, we can according to their own practice, a selective reference.

1, in the more famous ISP home page registration

general user access to the Internet, will first visit his ISP home page. So if you can in the scale is relatively large, relatively high reputation in the domestic and foreign ISP in the column of personal space to register your web page, according to the content of your web page to select different types of registration. In this case, the ISP in all customers to access the ISP page "the way" to visit your site the probability is relatively large, these customers will become the potential users of your site.

2, to participate in various advertising organizations

adds it to your home page, and your home icon will appear on the other members’ home page. You look like many domestic famous ISP such as Guangzhou windows, Beijing online, etc. yinghaiwei, as well as the South Pole Star outlets are members. In this way, you will be connected to the home page on the home page, can be compared with them so much air ah!

3, and related sites do link

currently many websites have the positive publicity, so most sites are willing to connect with others home do friendship on their home page has a special offer Links place, as long as you take the initiative in their own home page to their website to do a Links, then send an email give them the site administrator, the request will be related links your website will be added to their site, this way of mutual benefit cooperation can achieve the purpose of publicity website. But here’s one thing to note is that when you choose to link to the site, to consider the site’s visibility and the nature of the site and the theme is consistent with your own site.

4, use e-mail group to send messages

if you join a group email, then you can on your site to open a small section devoted to the discussion of the contents of the e-mail group, then sent a letter to the email address they have a special group, told the section about such content on your website, please give them more guide, mail group members after receiving this letter, usually willing to.

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