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first is the main contents of the website planning, no matter what, can make the flow, do not blindly do bigger, put your site to do with the portal, in fact, when you choose a good classification, to do so, to concentrate on doing this, you will find the flow in fact, not less than a website. (SEO master please drifting)

here by the way, I found a lot of friends still do site navigation station, may be seen by Baidu HAO123 heavily in the acquisition of it, ha ha, even if you put all of your friend’s computer, your computer, your school computer, all the computer you friends of the Internet, coupled with the love of your site users the page you are set to the navigation station, there is not much traffic ah, now do the navigation station, only to occupy a lot of users burn or the use of rogue software to the home page.

Selection of

domain name, the domain name to personally think that the main content and the site has some relevance, best can see the domain name, not when the website content, you can think this website is mainly to do what. This is not only conducive to search engine identification, but also allows visitors to effectively remember your domain name. Of course, if you have a super short enough rice, not.

space problems, we must buy fast, but also stable, there should be room in the room on duty. For example, two in the middle of the night, you can not open the site, confirmed that the server problem, you can call in the past to understand the situation. Do not covet cheap to buy those junk space, a cost-effective, in fact, the loss of you. For example, some space 1G/100 yuan, cheap is cheap, but the speed is slow, often unable to open the site. Such space, buy what is the use? If the server is not stable, hit the Baidu spider to climb, once fortunately, the three or four time, I really do not know how much loss! As long as the site is not a huge content, such as downloads, novels, pictures, movies (except thieves) station, 1G space is definitely enough for one year.

program, try to choose some high-profile procedures, they are after thousands of webmaster used, the stability and the speed of access is very good, basically a free version for you to use, are able to generate static pages, which improves the access speed, and can be a very good search pastebin! And are relatively safe, even if a loophole, but also timely release patches, exempt from your worries.

next, focus on the construction of the content of the site. I do not like to collect, the general collection, it is difficult to get a good ranking on the search engine. My station is also full of their own flesh update, actually, ctrl+c ctrl+v is not less than the slow acquisition. However, not blindly copy and paste, the title and content of the best modified after their own polish, ha ha. The appropriate increase, the deletion of some words, or move the location of a word, to make some changes, although others seem to be the same, but the search engine can not recognize. As for search engine ranking optimization (SEO), this I also know >

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