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is known to all, the web site advertising network advertising is a large part of the main source of revenue, especially small and medium-sized Web site owners. But many owners are faced with the flow and income is not proportional to the situation, I have a friend who had said his website 10 thousand IP traffic per day, but the money earned is much less than the other one station every day 5 thousand IP flow. Of course, the content and value of the site is on the one hand, but from another aspect to consider, we can put the advertising management and advertising optimization, so that the site’s advertising revenue to a higher level.

for now, most of the sites are the main artificial add and manage the ad code, to the corresponding page code and replace each ad replacement, this is the management is not convenient; in addition to that each ad are fixed only on a union advertising, low utilization rate of advertising. We all say that the focus of the eye is only one, for a long time only to see an ad will cause visual fatigue, so that the possibility of advertising will be reduced, followed by advertising revenue is certainly less. Although some advertising alliance can carousel, but can carry a bit of advertising there are many advertising alliance in exchange for the carousel, visitors click on advertising. This risk is much lower than the point of advertising by cheating.

the above idea, we developed a small website advertising management system SmartAD 6 Lite (advertising management system), using ASP.NET 2.0+SQLite development, for SQLite, on the Chinaz forum people should know (BBSMAX system is adopted it as a database), SQLite as the database, the hardware and software requirements almost zero, details about the SQLite, you can refer to The system uses.Net as the development platform, so your server system needs to support.Net 2, IIS 6, the operating system for Windows 2000 or windwos 2003.

using SmartAD 6 Lite, can bring you the following benefits:

1 uses the concept of advertising, allowing you to the site of the launch of the unified management of the alliance advertising, reduce the time and energy expenditure in this regard. No longer because of the replacement of the replacement of the page code.

2 allows advertising to achieve profit maximization website, a bit of advertising can be put in a number of advertising advertising, according to your settings for advertising, smart show multiple carousel advertising, let your advertising become a part of the content on your site, improve the utilization rate of advertising, earn more profit.

screenshot below shows the specific operation (how to install the download package has been attached):

related terms:

ad: refers to the container, an advertisement can add a number of advertising.

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