Angel internship experience at the beginning of the day will be great down folk angel

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      a.VC actually exited the once active stage

      now mostly VC taste, much to do in the late investment, fueling, icing on the cake, not only the risk is small, the most important is the large amount of money, fast transfer. VC is more and more inclined to high investment, because the funds raised too much.

      many VC said, almost make a large and a small case of energy, so they tend to be large, but in fact this is not the essential reason. The essential reason is that the amount of time required for the performance of the VC capital requirements within the specified time, small cases can not meet. Unless the VC to separate the special department to do the angels, otherwise they will drive the performance pressure just staring at the big amount, fast transfer of the project, even if no productivity value of these items.

      many large companies in the small, had launched a revolutionary innovation, but larger scale enterprises, will be the revolutionary innovation (rather than incremental innovation) become powerless, for a certain scale enterprises, the management by the performance pressure and the time pressure is. Unable to pay attention in the short term performance of only one percent and 1/1000 of the business, even if they think it’s a good idea. To make a big enterprise with strong innovation, the only way is to create innovative small businesses, independent accounting.

      be sure that most of the VC in a capital giant, will lose its ability to find innovative ability, and only follow the capital, their actual exit once active stage. Most of the revolutionary innovation has always been an early age, who will bear the mission of promoting revolutionary innovation, supporting new seedlings?

      a new generation of angels. They will meet an unprecedented opportunity.

      two. The spring of the Internet is approaching, the opportunity is folk angel

      a case study of the Internet I have observed for a long time. The Internet is about to enter the stage of integration with the real life of the application, innovation will be launched at numerous contacts. Due to the support of the real life and innovation, innovation will not only in the traditional life of the application level, the creation of new life, the creation of a new model of productivity, will continue to emerge. This will be a long time to start the social technology revolution, the number of business opportunities will emerge, how much economic value?

      many people say that the Internet is in winter, He Tian see is spring, spring real All flowers bloom together. approaching. Innovation and business opportunities will emerge in an endless stream, like the spring.

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