Marketing is a creative process

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a lot of people for marketing, management is the art or technique of a very deep, academic circles also Public opinions are divergent. for this problem I think that marketing is a kind of creative industry, is also a kind of process. It is creative, mainly because marketing is not a unified format, and concept, methods and marketing are found with the change from the last century to now, marketing has experienced product concepts, marketing concepts to the present consumer concept of multiple stages. From the marketing tactics, marketing has always been no set number, even if is formatted products, price, channel and promotion of marketing mix, but also highlight the charm of marketing, the myriads of changes, such as price, a pricing method very much, is described in detail, such as skimming pricing, pricing, mantissa cost plus pricing and so on, and every kind of pricing method is for analysis of consumer psychology and the competitors, the market forecast result.

if it comes to communication and advertisement in marketing, creative marketing is more prominent, this society no people do not think the advertising industry is a creative industry, their brains every day, thinking is to produce more ideas. But Gao Chengyuan said, even so, advertising and marketing industry is still a great emphasis on the process of the industry, is not purely a powerful and unconstrained style, not to the point.

first, thinking from the marketing point of view, although the marketing concept has been changing, but this is only appearance and form, the essence of marketing is not changed from first to last, that is by creating a kind of atmosphere, to achieve sales, realize the value to the value change between manufacturers and consumers a win-win situation.

second, from marketing point of view, although the marketing means of all sorts of strange things, often give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, but overall, marketing methods need to account for all aspects of consumers innovative, attractive, cost and feasibility issues, instead of a powerful and unconstrained style.

again, from the marketing implementation, marketing is a process that the early adoption of marketing methods, such as time and place of planning, in the implementation process, the implementation of marketing is also need every little bit from the details perfect, such as a promotion, by the early planning need to preach and flyers, posters and other forms of publicity, then we must consider what time, posters pasted, how much is the cost estimate how much income and effect, preaching scene please what kind of people do report, to create what kind of atmosphere, if promote the single, these things are very skilled to process the implementation details from the point of view.


implementation process in the process at the same time, also with clip creative, cite a simple example above, we have posted a poster, this is a very simple process, but if you want to do this thing, or need to move some brains, to take into account the cost, >

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