Successful marketing is how scared the baby fear

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The opening of the

about fear, there is such a:

(Guo Xiang) is God, he heard the trees beside the Beilin came a chain with the sound of a man reciting the Sutra: "when Wang Liyao is in no Yaocha, amount of billions of masses, said Miao Sheng he gamma said: love is sorrow, by the love he made; if in love no worries, no terror……"

Guo Xiang listened to the four sentence of the ket, could not help but crazy heart, silently read: "by love so wild, by the love he made; if in love, worry free without fear." Only to hear the sound of chains and mopping Buddha fades away. The low voice: "I want to ask him, how can from love, how can without fear? Yet saw Yang Guowu life, finally walk the dead, after the end of the Shaolin Temple, Kunlun post master it, who founded the Emei school greatly discerning and apprehending.

why people fear

by the love he made, the Buddhist said: his fear is the source of the human heart the desire to be suffering from fear of loss. John ·’s "the B novel" also mentioned the most let us desire instead make us fear.

fear, fear, is the greatest weakness of human and human nature. Learn to fear is a human to protect your instincts, our ancestors, for fear of the beast and the night, and found the continuation of the fire. Fear of hunger, began to learn to grow food, domesticated livestock. Fear is the inevitable outcome of human adaptation to the environment, but also one of the sources of social development and progress.

fear marketing has been tested, the logic behind it is very strict. First of all, the brand should always be good at finding or exploring the fear of consumers, such as fear of illness and death, fear of getting ugly old, fear of failure, fear of failure, fear of accidents, etc.. Interpret the consumer panic, with exaggerated harm, reminder, humor and contrast of effective marketing methods to allow consumers to pay attention to this kind of fear, and then tell the solution of consumer issues, to meet the psychological needs of users the ultimate (let you health, happiness, beauty)



fear marketing is how to scare the baby’s

1, well, your success caught my eye

The biological basis of

strongly supports the attraction of fear to human beings. Fear will raise our adrenaline, thereby releasing adrenaline, which makes hormones and neurotransmitters. After a large number of "adrenaline addicts" that fear will create considerable satisfaction. < so there will be those who are afraid of watching horror movies people, while also uncovered his eyes, pulled one voice >

The most common approach in

fear marketing is the title party. Often through some with a strong color of text such as induction and threat alert, beware, how don’t you..>

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