The first case of illegal fund-raising P2P the eastern capital attract 126 million jailed

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CBRC regulatory rules on the occasion of the upcoming P2P, Shenzhen City, Luohu District Shenzhen City People’s court sentenced yudongfang investment management company (hereinafter referred to as the "eastern capital") two main person responsible for the crime of illegal deposits from the public; the lawyer inquiry, no other related cases in China in recent years, the case became the P2P convicted the first case of illegal fund-raising.

is a P2P platform orient venture was founded in Shenzhen in June 2013, twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned that the verdict ([2014] Shenluo criminal law at the beginning of two No. 147th) shows that as of October 31, 2013, the 126 million platform to absorb investor funds, which have been the actual payment of 74 million 719 thousand and 600, did not return the principal investor 52 million 503 thousand and 200.

Prosecutors accused

, East is a network of venture capital investment platform, promoting its P2P credit investment model to the public, to provide intermediary services in the name of funding, high returns promised 3% to 4% monthly, illegal deposits from the public through the Internet platform.

after proof, defense, the court concluded that the East is the principal Venture Capital Corporation Deng Liang, sentenced to three years imprisonment, fined 300 thousand; director of operations Li Zeming line (formerly known as Li Zeming) is an accomplice, sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for three years, and fined 50 thousand.

August 11th, twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter found that the company is located in the Shenzhen imperial building office, the company has been closed down, the company appeared in the door of the date for the November 12, 2013 Shenzhen labor dispute arbitration committee’s announcement, the company’s 10 employees require the company to pay 64398.39 yuan owed remuneration.

twenty-first Century economic report reporter main defense counsel to the defendant Deng Liang Wei Zhimin of the Guangdong Hui law firm to further understand the situation, the lawyers’ cases have been closed, court decisions have been made on the grounds, refused to comment.

star Han lawyer satellite that "illegal fund-raising" according to whether the parties to investment losses to the classification, if losses, should the parties litigation request, the court and the parties must by law punish the defendant; if no losses, the law constitutes a crime, but the parties, the court will not the punishment, more is to disrupt the financial order, should the financial regulatory authorities in accordance with relevant regulations governing. At present, China has not specifically for P2P regulatory rules, regulators in the formulation of."

thousands of yuan from the financial investment real estate

according to the legal framework of China, "the cognizance of crime of illegal deposits from the public should also have the following four conditions: without the approval of relevant departments according to law or borrow funds absorbed form of legitimate business; through the media, presentations, flyers, mobile phone text messages and other means of publicity to the community; commitment in a certain period of time to money, in kind, equity or debt service payments and other ways to return to the public that the community of


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