Go to the market to raise $200 million bet line segmentation and competition 58

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[Abstract] the 200 million dollars arrival, the market did not get support for strategic resources, but is bound in advertising and marketing, mobile services, increase investment, and bring new competition pressure to 58.

Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported on August 13th

in the past few years suffered funding strand breaks, executives leave, failure of transformation and a series of negative news, the classification of life information industry has won the favor of the capital market this year, the 58 city of the U.S. listed shares continue to rise, while Ganji yesterday also announced the completion of over 200 million dollars in a new round of financing.

for the market to obtain new financing, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) was very light, he said in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology, the market has lagged behind to only 58 less than half the size of 58, in June this year has just won $736 million strategic investment Tencent, has established development strategy, do not care about is not because of market the financing and change their rhythm.

after the end of June this year announced the acquisition of 58 Tencent strategic investment, trade rumors, Baidu, Ali also took over the market in the assessment, but the parties in holding the right price and the issue has not reached a consensus. This time, the Tiger Fund and the Carlyle Group decided to invest in the market, also means that the classified information market is still optimistic about the development of the capital market for 10 years.

classified information website to highlight their value, because the rise of O2O life services. From the user perspective, the demand for services of local life for many direct docking of a variety of localized small businesses, including the generation of driving, housekeeping, hourly, nanny, house decoration and so is practical, real-time information service life. Compared with pure Internet Co, 58 resources and fair disposal line (including service team of small businesses, a huge line etc.) have an irreplaceable competitive.

"when people are not optimistic about a venture, especially the dirty work, it means the chance of survival and growth." Yao Jinbo has said, the 58 most important decision on the development of the road is to get involved in the promotion and sale of the line, the localization of the U.S. Craigslist model, to create a line of thousands of people under the team."

58 market competition intensified

or slobber war will continue

the former fair access to financing, the success of the first to 58 city listed once caused no small pressure on ganji.com. After the listing of the growth of the basic collapse." Yao Jinbo said, through the Baidu index, Alex and various third party software downloads monitoring point of view, after the listing of 58 ganji.com flow drop by 50% to 60%.

ganji.com denied 58 city view, and provides data flow and business growth in the market, Yang Haoyong (micro-blog) to the Tencent said ganji.com last year 4 consecutive quarter sales growth of more than 58 city.

in the Tencent strategic investment, 58 of market prospects further challenges.

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