Second life the most stupid WEB2.0

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in an ordinary weekday afternoon, click on the current popular online game "second life" (SecondLife) page, enter the brand area.

this time, TOYOTA’s empty virtual exhibition hall. At the same time, in the real world car dealers are frantically busy, no people have time to hang around in the virtual world. Virtual stores in Reebok also there was a deserted disturbing, the wall is a super posters, however, disappointing is that both every kind of sports shoes has been quietly placed on the shelves, except for the occasional one horned monster flew in for a moment, looked around. His long tail, and then quietly leave, there is no any trading activities happened.

Coca-Cola, Nike and other

only a short while ago, transnational giants have an important "road" in the virtual world on the "billboard"; the famous Reuters built a "division" in the virtual world; even the virtual Capitol also officially open in second life, and a permanent spokesman. Right now here is like a deserted park like neglected, No one shows any interest in.

‘s rookie network "second life" can actually give it to people who are optimistic about the continuing confidence?

spawned more than 7000 ways to make money

behind the growing scale, the virtual world is creating real business value.

"we’re not playing a game, we’re building a nation." "Second life" founder Rosedal Ross (Philip) is always so stressed to the outside world.

in June 2003, "the second life" for the first time of opening to the outside world, this new virtual world is a wilderness, unlike the "virtual world Warcraft", Ross Doyle boldly decided to let the "second life" self reproduction. Not all the Games in a scene where he was built by Linden Lab, but by the "second life" in the "residents" built each villa, skyscrapers, golf course, Virtual Forbidden City, digital chain store, even Adult supplies store.. also constructed the powerful virtual kingdom.

In order to get through the

between the virtual world and the real world channel, Linden Lab let "second life" in the money "Linden dollars" (Linden Dollar) in accordance with the market price and the real world in U.S. dollars — free trade at present, about $1 can buy 186 Linden dollars, 285 Linden dollars can be exchanged for 1 dollars. This means that virtual citizens can create, or have their goods sales figures, in exchange for money. It can be said, from the birth of Linden dollars at the moment, "second life" has become a real economy.


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