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February 20th, the Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center announced the ninth batch of national remediation Vulgar Internet exposure site list, the presence of a large number of vulgar content on the site of the 10 exposure. Over the past few days, some sites actively carry out clean-up and remediation work, but there are still part of the site remediation ineffective. Now the ninth batch of exposure of the site remediation notification as follows:

a clean up the work of a better site

1, "phoenix" (Location: Beijing) on the "blog" column for a comprehensive clean-up, the forum closed the very fashion section.

2, SouFun (Location: Beijing) on the album column and related forum forum for a comprehensive clean-up.

3, "the 56 video network" (Location: Guangdong) on the video column for a comprehensive clean-up.

4, "Hunan Network" (Location: Hunan) closed the "beauty" channel and forum "beauty image" section.

5, Tianshui online (Location: Gansu) closed the blog column.

6, "Xuzhou, China" (Location: Jiangsu) closed the gallery channel stunning moment and art human column.

corrective measures above the site is relatively effective, to be commended.

two, need to continue to clean up the remediation site

1, the focus network (Location: Beijing) on the focus blog column was cleaned, but there are still some vulgar content.

2, "Flying Pigeon" (Location: Beijing) shut "dating emotion" column, but there are still some vulgar content in other classification information.

3, "joint network" (Location: Fujian) shut "pictorial" channel "beauty portrait" column, but the forum "funny Odd Photos" section there are still some vulgar content.

4, "space network" (Location: Guangxi) shut forum "metrosexual man m female" section, but the "blog" channel there are still some vulgar content.

the above site should increase the intensity of cleaning up and take more effective measures to clean up vulgar content.

China Internet association Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center

February 27, 2009

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