Bo Bo to create a new three board era the beginning of the harvest net red + expression pack

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cold joke the first shares to create a new Bo Bo landing three new board is not funny, the company listed not long, capital movements frequently, and gradually build a complete self media matrix.

on a "joke" started from the media first "Feibo create (834617) since last December listing, the agreement price has been around 27 yuan fluctuation, its recent announcement of the listing of the first three new board set by the plan, the issue price of 65 yuan or less people not surprised the.

also participate in this increase are not ordinary investors are steeped in the Internet field for many years all the chiefs of a president actually, renamed CEO Kong Dejing, China synchronous push fast taxi, Xiong Jun Chen Weixing, Media Arts (833892) director Xu Yitian.

Why is

so headstrong? Bo Bo to create a series of recent actions may be able to see some clues.

Satin number dividend slowdown, net economic limelight Masamori




Yalan mu;

following the January 29th Feibo create a wholly owned subsidiary of a flying Bowen announced invested Ercoli Lee 30% and well-known network Reds jointly set up a joint stock company in Shanghai by the intellectual and cultural creativity limited, March 10th, flying a post shot again, and another joint venture established in 1 million Yalan Mu red net Xiamen Mu Yalan cultural creative Co., Feibo create a hold the joint venture company 30% shares.

for these two investment, fly Bo create both said the company will make full use of the joint venture shareholders in the influence of the media platform, the layout of the network red economy, fans economy, expanding from the media matrix.

2015 is a watershed in the media economy, but also the network red economy, the first year.

before 2015, a number of media in micro-blog to rub hot compiled scripts, you can easily gain tens of thousands of "Ha party" forward comments, very easy to live in moist, too busy to attend to all advertising. And in 2015, the situation changed. The red net A new force suddenly rises. The fans have been difficult to arouse the enthusiasm of the light in the text, expression package, the unique personal characteristics, normalizing short video content rich fast.

a few days ago, Internet week released the 2015 China Red list. National husband Wang Sicong very powerful, leading the former girlfriend. In second the second half of 2015 the new Wanghong Papi sauce, interpretation of gentleman does not believe you never heard of the "talent and beauty in a woman.


your circle of friends have shared her short video, this relates to the "poor + ratite" woman falsetto in the video to learn Taiwan dialect, Shanghai dialect and English imitation, a dislike of tone and tone are all not > Tucao

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