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this time has been in the exploration of enterprise marketing mode, most enterprises do network marketing is on Baidu and GG money to do marketing. But the PPC not every company has the rich experience of personnel, some do not know the data statistical analysis and optimization of SEO personnel to do PPC may not burn what effect, so here is a problem for enterprises.

on the other hand, the majority of enterprises rely on Baidu keyword bidding to do marketing for a long time, once the bid to stop Baidu, basically there will be a significant decline in business. In fact, such as Baidu and other search engines have a certain dependence. Although the pattern is sometimes can make the enterprise profit, but basically you will meet the bottleneck problem, that is to say when Baidu investment to a certain extent, profits will be relatively stable, not much of a breakthrough, which limits the development of the enterprise, make the bottleneck in marketing.

then why don’t we change a way to do network marketing? Abandon Baidu, a lot of people to think it impossible, because most people feel that Baidu for the PPC is the way to get fast flow, but do enterprise network marketing, we need to consider is the final result, this will also consider the transformation the rate of the problem, if there is another way to conversion to more than PPC, then we can try, or even replace.

At present,

network marketing ideas of most enterprises is as follows: PPC and Baidu for the drainage to the enterprise website through online consultation, to complete the sales and I am using the idea is a little more direct: on the vertical correlation website online consultation, sales

believe that from these two steps we can clearly see some of the simplification of the place, the way this figure may not be very clear understanding. For example, I do www.4666688.com is the hospital site, hospital website final sales demand is the actual diagnosis of the patient, that is to say the effect of all the network marketing is the final number since patient to decide.

so when we burn in Baidu rather than a certain conversion rate we will consider a more direct mode, we will find third party websites in the industry as a platform, advertising and content on its website, the delivery is usually related to class or vertical class website, so third our visitors are generally target users or potential users. Therefore, these target user groups and potential user groups in the third party website through consulting is generally valid users, which will direct our sales process. As long as we choose the third party platform site traffic and advertising more cooperative mode, we can rely on it to achieve the user directly to the terminal sales.

in fact, whether it is the medical industry or other industries, the company has a lot of online marketing model, but we are constantly exploring the most efficient way.

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