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yesterday, a netizen questions in SEO Forum: "install Google Toolbar can make Google better included pages?" Although Google specialized in dealing with Matt Cutts SEO in the blog can not explain, and also introduced the thought of a friend so he lost the bet. But for the majority of users, which is not considered credible test. So I also published my views on this issue:

from the technical point of view, the use of Google Toolbar can crawl the page is feasible. Because the use of Google Toolbar access to the web page, IE will be sent to browse data google. Google can be based on this data, immediately sent crawling program to crawl the page. But we need to consider the following questions:

1. The core task of the current search engine is not included more pages. For search engines, it is necessary to grab more effective information. But at the moment, it seems to be concerned about the number of included, not as good as the quality of care. Even every day in the Google Manual submitted so many sites, Google are not too late to be included, then the machine as a tool to submit seems to be worth more than trust.

2. Existing collection mechanism to ensure that the basic quality of the site is included. Because according to the existing search engine collection mechanism, almost 90% of the higher quality of the site will be included.

3. Google also believe that link computing standards, this method is more conducive to the value of information. Depending on the link to find the site, than this by loading tool bar, hand to be worth more. Because it’s harder to manipulate. At this stage, the lack of search engine is not included in the site of the information, but need to be worthy of the site to be included to judge. To make this judgment, we have to rely on links or artificial complex algorithms to determine.

4. For those who do not use the toolbar is extremely unfair. At the same time, it also increases the burden of common article. Every time the site opens, the tools are required to check whether their own database is collected, and then according to their own complex system should not be included in the judgment.

5. There is no need for the tool bar to undertake these tasks for the time being. Instead of making the toolbar becomes more complex, it is better to search the domain name in the Google, if not included, Google to go. You can do this by using your own search framework. The current toolbar is the most convenient to facilitate the use of Google search.

of course, the above analysis is from the current search to consider the status quo. From the Google point of view, the use of tools can collect a large number of user behavior, which is to improve the quality of search, understanding of Internet users habits are very good. Do not rule out the future, one day, Google will be the tool for statistical user behavior >

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