See Xun Zhou micro film nail knife magic on the network marketing positioning

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network marketing can do good, can spend money wisely, there is a large degree from your network marketing positioning, here Shanghai Yongcan Xiao Tong to share, how to do network marketing positioning.

don’t know seen "nail clippers fly" friends still remember, actress Li Kaiyi with what tricks in the choice of a boyfriend, he first determined to find a male friend has the ability, he will also believe that such a fantasy story according to people (his type products) to find their activities and then start to fixed someone inside the circle, so that he can be as easy as blowing off dust, found that he wanted an easy job to do for the people.

these tricks he used in network marketing positioning are all useful. We do network marketing, it is also based on your purpose to quickly find the target customer groups.

first: gender orientation

sex location, your product or your company pay more attention to people products belong to what sex, because of gender differences also means his different concerns, also for the network marketing, we choose the channels and content are not the same, for example, your target customer groups are mostly belong to men so, we choose in the network marketing promotion channel is more biased in favor of men would often visit the website and the analysis of their network behavior to network promotion.

second: love positioning

speaking in front of the gender positioning well, so what is the male most men they love? Is the car category, financial news or information, or tend to industrial information, this determines that we do in the network marketing channels in the promotion of choice, is that if you say, pay more attention to the target customer groups and some financial information website, that this time we try to put ads in the industry portal or some type of professional website, let your target customer groups, where is your information in the course of time will make them for you to forget, it will play a multiplier effect of


so the network marketing is not to choose which popular promotion channels, but according to the behavior of your target customer groups to track the path. [[email protected]]

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