How much money is the first time the start-up company Here is a practical guide

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Abstract: This is a stem, for start-up companies is not a small stem. For the first time the entrepreneurial company how much money should be logically there should be three aspects: how much can the project valuation? How much of their plans to melt? In the end how much can melt into?


for the first time how much money the start-up company, my personal view is that: there should be three aspects of logic:

(1) project to assess the number of


(2) how much of their plans to melt?

(3) in the end how much can melt into


three aspects of the text does not have much contact, but careful consideration was found to be linked.

first founded, the product line, the core team will soon form a complete, no money to push the product, fast money wages, how to do? To find the "rich people" investors or individual financing. Financing is not to go before about how much money the valuation of their products can have value? Large market capacity? Is tens of millions of dollars in the market, after the turnover of a circle, according to the market capacity, valuation, future business plan plan.


said is his intention. So, in the end, can melt into? This is what investors, because standing investor perspective, are equal, bet a expectations and luck and years of investment experience, it may make sense, there may be times worth make up.

in short, this is not your consideration, you should consider is to convince investors to plan your money, get the hand!

first financing: don’t get too excited to find North

early startups can be said that there is no precise valuation method, you and VC to bargain to do it. So, from a different point of view, let us first define the logic of the discussion:

1 everything has a starting point;

2 money is added in the course of time (financial crisis for the time being ignored);

3 we eat a mouthful, and climb the stairs is a section to climb up, financing is the same reason;

The size of

4 is equal to the company’s ability to generate revenue (including profits);

5 the seller always wants to sell at the highest price;

6 buyer (theoretically) always wants to buy at the lowest price (excluding luxury brands);

entrepreneurs looking for money even if you are burning with impatience, good luck, when it hit a big fat VC, he asked how much money you need, you can ask anxiously: "give me 200 thousand…… No swallow mouth, is 2 million…… No, wrong again. "

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