Hospital network promotion actual operation experience

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these two days have seen a peer published in the hospital on A5 network marketing and network promotion articles, simply to share with you some of my experience or experience in this piece.

is so popular in the Internet today, most companies have abandoned or reduced to traditional media advertising, then turned to use a small amount of money can achieve good effect of network marketing, especially in private hospitals, to improve the whole hospital income at the same time through the network marketing for the hospital to establish a good reputation spread. But behind all this money is actually burned out. Most do for friends all know for like burning money what difference, and domestic regional agents Baidu click fraud is more tricky, so you must pay attention to it every hour and moment.

Since then

bidding so burn money, why many companies still have to do the bidding, it is in order to improve business visibility and reputation and flow, in fact it is driven, which business bosses are not fools, burn out money is sure to earn back, who is the key to help him make back. We should know how to make the bidding conversion rate is increased so as to enhance the overall profit is the most crucial part of our industry, because the flow is very big, the site do good to the people more, the actual target groups (for the hospital is also the patient) if nobody comes, all this meaningless, but barely can resign operators.

on the actual experience of the competitive rankings share the following experience:

1 bid to send someone responsible for bidding related matters and operations, must be familiar with the network, the SEO have an understanding of

2 analysis keyword analysis of the flow rate and conversion rate, from here to decide what aspects of SEO as the main push key words to do long tail keyword

3 hours through statistical analysis of background in the period of time the target user group main access website, through the analysis of the approximate time to decide how much of the bidding volume each time has put the number of this affects the bidding cost a little

so it is also a key

4 do not blindly auction bidding is not a game, don’t look at other local hospital price in the same words over you quickly improve the price yourself on the first row, this approach is often inexperienced operators to make, in fact Baidu ranking, the user’s habits, the top five is generally the best position.

With the SEM

5 is a team, actually SEO with bidding to do keyword analysis can be achieved very good results, the key to see how people engaged in this two party cooperation and how leaders decision making

6 final attitude of hospital network marketing, after all target users are coming, the last and the most important is the communication between people, is to consult a physician skill, this time mainly reflects.

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