Local websites rely on search engine survival strategies

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"water situation" network planning center has been advocating such a view in the work: local sites in the simple use of SEO to achieve the keywords ranking, expand your site is as honest content.

highly developed in the Internet this year, the emergence of new sites every day can be said to be endless. If say, when everyone has the hands of a website, when technology is no longer the focus of the site to consider, but considering the weight of the website, search engines will be put into the corresponding website "369" etc..

water occasions in the construction of the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network (www.wl3d.com)", there is no too much attention to the keywords ranking. Because in the relevant website, such as animation, animation training and other related keywords competitiveness is very powerful. So the "water occasion" in the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network (www.wl3d.com) network planning", set the number of columns can be updated every day, such as "information industry", "campus", "communication", and establish an interactive platform, this site every day to update the content article 30-50. After a month of hard work, the site finally attracted the interest of Baidu, basically every day to update the contents of the second days included, so that the flow of traffic to the site is basically maintained at around 600.

water site network planning center in this case, summed up, local sites rely on search engine survival strategies include:

first, let the search engine put your attention. Pay attention to the importance of the chain, a conscious choice of your site outside the chain, do not simply look at the level of PR, but also the other side of the site in the search engine status!

second, the development of search engines on your site regularity. Adhere to regularly update their web site, so as to make the search engine regularly to visit your site. Remember, it’s better to update 1 articles a day for a period of 10 days and then update the article in the next 10 days than in the next 10 days!

third, make sure the spiders eat fresh food. Improve the original content of the web site, so that search engines have to eat a lot of times the food it will not eat!

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