t is said that this is a 90% of the marketing people have seen God level article

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marketing is not a language can not by rote, mathematical formula can be obtained, do marketing need to master certain customer psychology, product knowledge, social knowledge, expression ability and communication ability. Of course, these are not the most important, so many products, how can you be outstanding? How to be unique or how to attract more people?

first, see the words above is not feeling very professional? This is the first point, whether you are not professional college, your purpose is to let customers see you very professional! Terms can be appropriate to say a few words, so that they feel the high-end atmosphere did not understand, but do not blindly go to Balabala, otherwise it will backfire.

secondly, I tell you, this is the title of the party! There is no God article, not many people have read.

You may want to

in a small small junior editor knows what is marketing? Small early although it had learned a little, but it is not understand, but don’t represent no idea, so want to pretend to write small initial ideas, but no matter whether or not to see you, I came in. A small step has been successful.

the most common ad in those years

. The overwhelming

nouveau richeThe easiest way to

is also the most expensive, the newspaper websites such as WeChat micro-blog burn do promotion, the effect of specific products.


bombing brainwashing.

case: [naobaijin] this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only melatonin.

no matter how the ads change, that sentence is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, so that everyone knows. The three times (and advertising is often important advertisement to broadcast three times?) but have to say, this kind of marketing method although sometimes make people dislike, but received a real effect.

three celebrity network red endorsement method

image spokesmen indirectly represent the image of the product and the enterprise, and celebrities bring their own fans, regardless of whether your product is good or bad, the first blind powder will go first try. Of course, as long as you do not look for uncle Jackie Chan endorsement……

of course, since the net red Papi red sauce, content marketing also instantly fire up. Quality and content are increasingly valued. In fact, as early as before the Papi sauce, content marketing is already a big trend. In 2011 to 2015, the world’s largest recruitment information search engine Indeed, including content marketing or content strategy, the number of jobs increased by about 350%

do you really know what content marketing is?

content marketing is what? It seems small, this is a false proposition, we first look at what is marketing? It seems small, the most straightforward said, marketing is my product is known and accepted by everybody, buy. Is it not the case for content marketing?


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