Three strategies of micro-blog marketing in Tourism Attractions

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target customers gathered in where, where is our market, so far micro-blog users have more than 500 million. These users are the main age levels are between 20-35 years old, this group is the largest consumer groups in the tourism industry, and micro-blog marketing has a characteristic is the proliferation of very fast. For the purpose of tourism destination marketing, it is an excellent communication tool.

this time a lot of attention spots on the official micro-blog, most of the micro-blog only their own marketing themselves, there are a lot of irrelevant content of some of the micro-blog, which will seriously affect the enthusiasm and attention of fans, let alone to help you go forward.

that would like to make a valuable micro-blog, the content of the writing on how to do a good job planning, the United States and the wisdom of tourism to share the following three strategies.

the first is that you can write some of the attractions of the historical origin, celebrity travel story, each point can be subdivided into a lot of content. Now people like to see the story of those who do not know, because ten years ago, less media channels, simply do not understand these. Here you need to master some of the writing skills, such as a word thousands of words into 140 words. These are the essence of the essence. Fans are happy to help you spread.

second is now writing the story, such as today to take a visitor to do a very touching move, or hear a couple say some words, you can write a little out by micro-blog. The content is easy to see the emergence of a situation, this situation subtle implant potential customers in the brain, let them have a sense of immersive. Subconsciously convince yourself to come here to experience.

next to talk about the third, which is the most important one strategy, with a good strategy, it is equal to the nuclear fission, the proliferation of geometric level. It is worth mentioning that this strategy is particularly suitable for tourism destination marketing. 85% of the enterprises are racking their brains wondering how to edit the content, and ignore the micro-blog is also one of the most important characteristics, that is the use of others to help you, help you spread.

carefully think you have some kind of consumer behavior, is not more affected by friends, which is word of mouth marketing, but also a guiding ideology of the operation of micro-blog marketing. How to achieve on micro-blog


is simple to encourage visitors and their interaction. Everyone love to share some of their experienced things, such as where to eat good delicacy, a micro-blog, where to travel, a beautiful photos are sent in micro-blog, when his friend saw the situation, will ask. Of course, this is only a unilateral display, in order to allow them to take the initiative and their interaction, but also need to design a source of communication. You can set up a few points in the area, do a little publicity, such as "looking for the most beautiful scenic photos, micro-blog and @ (here we fill the area of the micro-blog account) will have the opportunity to get a certain attractions tourist souvenirs". As long as he sent a photo

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