How to enhance the personal webmaster soft value

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soft writing style and skills, we all understand, but the last time I wrote a story about good soft Wen, can make your site "soft" to the top of the article, believe that everyone on the value of the soft have a new understanding. A good, but we often say to a brand, an enterprise, do promotion thought, this article soft Wen can also give us what? Specifically, also can give enterprise or company to bring what is


that talked about what we want to say today, how to better enhance the value of soft Wen, what is the value of the soft Wen? Soft value can be understood as the ultimate effect, or bring the benefits of. The company’s Web site, the company’s website, brand effect, etc..

soft Wen can bring what?

soft Wen can bring publicity function, can bring traffic, can bring the reputation, also can bring the site of external resources, namely we often say that the external links, a reasonable factor of website external links is the decision-making keyword ranking in the search engine, from before, now is that the estimates will also is so. Keywords ranking of external link demand is also essential.

how to get soft external links

soft link to external resources, is generally in the write text, the use of clever tricks to their own website, perfect soft to this article, and this website, let the reader more readable, like a good article with good pictures, with good performance, good soft Wen also with a good web site. When an article came out, then what should I do next? I think a lot of writing the soft will be a number of promotional role, such as the promotion of some of the class, such as QQ, popular blog, etc.. Of course, the method is dead, but people’s thinking is alive, an article how to make it play the maximum effect, not just a good soft Wen role, increase the exposure of the article is also important.

how to effectively increase the exposure of soft Wen


every time I finish the article will find some industry hot station, of course can contribute that, or is their registered author, publishing information, and then the article appears on the front page of the site, get more exposure, such as I in Nanjing SEO website to write an article on the SEO, or is the webmaster experience of the article, I will choose the webmaster often go to places, so as to effectively display articles, get more traffic. Often have the A5 network, a push, these sites can be registered writers, publish their own articles. Remember the last time I published several articles, including a new promotion model using website promotion psychology, this article was published a day to more than and 300 of the traffic, but this article wantonly by each big website, from 3.5 – present day website constantly reproduced every day, free of external links you can get 3-5, and is of high quality. We think before work in the forum, blog external links, and sometimes also often be deleted, some effect >

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