Take the local micro-blog marketing road needs to take a good four steps

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micro-blog marketing from national to local, look small target users, the difficulty of marketing will be small, but the fact is on the contrary, the local area is smaller, the micro-blog marketing difficulty is high, many owners of this phenomenon may not be easy to understand, as is often the case, the target users more clearly, the smaller the range. The easier it is marketing, so many owners in the local micro-blog marketing easily into errors, the core point to catch the local micro-blog marketing! Here I come to analyze the local micro-blog marketing how to how to go? > 1: local micro-blog’s pre preparation

local micro-blog marketing, must first have their own micro-blog account, but before the formal establishment of their micro-blog account, the need for comprehensive analysis of other parts of micro-blog, the so-called enemy fight! At this stage the emphasis is not for their fans, because micro-blog’s attention is still very low, we develop more other fans through the active place of micro-blog, the goal is to get their own fans, and not for the fans of


to achieve this point, we can come to their own micro group through the establishment of local micro group to attract users of micro-blog in other places, of course, the micro group will make its own characteristics, and to be able to micro-blog’s own account form embraced! And then as a local micro-blog to attract fans base, by publishing in micro-blog to expand the group of fans, for example we can forward other active local micro-blog, because in the place, so it is easy to engage in some activities of the city, of course, at this time can be appropriate for a little through the activities of marketing, this time I was not in favor of the marketing behavior of large area, after all, is to create these places micro-blog marketing base for core


two: shaping the local micro-blog’s professional image

now what is the need to brand and visibility, or not so many so-called model bianzhuofaer to engage in vulgar marketing whether it is good or bad reputation, reputation, as long as there are well-known, what marketing is relatively simple, but we do not place micro-blog marketing, may engage in those the vulgar marketing can only follow the path of specialization, such as through data detailed to show the charm of the value of an individual or group to another place! Is also good at using the micro-blog account label, label is preceded by the local information, such as your operation is the Beijing local micro-blog, then the front label should have Beijing and the two words! What is micro-blog keyword, what is to create a professional level micro-blog! In the image on the two words: detailed


three: micro-blog content based on the goal to build fans

this is a very crucial step, which runs through the core of micro-blog marketing has always been, because the local micro-blog needs to support the survival, local fans of micro-blog group is also need content to support, through the same place micro-blog marketing is content to support, so that the local micro-blog content > good

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