Do you know which new projects have been completed more than 4 times in half a year

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as the first entrepreneurial station, professional and efficient free investment and financing service platform — every day, because of their commitment to help entrepreneurs when only one idea, can turn their dreams into action, it will be 2015 Chinese Internet investment and financing status analysis report, the number has a strong reference value, hoping to provide prospective judgment to help entrepreneurs.

this report is divided into five parts:

first, the investment time distribution: capital winter arrival, the second half of investment dropped by

two, investment institutions and active projects list:

1) according to the number of investment cases in 2015, the most active investment institutions TOP30

2) in 2015 the largest number of financing company TOP30

, three rounds of investment distribution: Angel seeds dominate, accounting for 48%; A accounted for 30%

four, Internet industry venture capital survey

1) in 2015 to obtain investment projects in the field of distribution 2) in each segment of the TOP10’s most active investment institutions

five, the most institutions welcomed the investment and financing platform TOP3

in 2015 for the venture capital industry as a whole has opened a golden age of entrepreneurship, the Internet, mobile Internet and multi industry fermentation bring reform, we have to catch up with this great era, stood in the teeth of the storm. Next, every day to lead you to look back on this year’s investment and financing of China’s Internet development process:

a, capital winter arrival, the second half of the investment dropped by


2015 (as of November) the company obtained financing trend analysis, the number of Finance Companies in January to get the most, accounting for 14.3% of the total annual investment. Daily investment analysis in the first half of 2015, China’s primary market equity investment is extremely active, up 60%. However, with the mid year A shares diving, the concept of privatization in the stock market, the second half of the venture capital ushered in the winter. From the beginning of August to get the number of financing companies started the monthly decline, the trend and the second half of 2014 is completely different. November has rebounded slightly.

two, investment institutions and active list

(1) in 2015, according to the number of investment cases statistics, the most active investment institutions TOP30

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