Network promotion tools seize the weaknesses of human nature

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network to promote a variety of ways. Benign normal advertising, soft text and other forms. But the network competition intensifies, the promotion effect is not obvious. Malignant unconventional means of mass, malicious web code, cheat points, or even insert the virus in the software, etc., although this method is surprisingly good effect, but the brand will have a negative impact. In the end, there is only one purpose of these two marketing methods to generate profits.

so how do we better network promotion?

aimed at the weakness of human nature to meet people’s needs. You don’t have to worry about making money when you provide the services that people expect. Seize the weakness of human network promotion, it is profitable nirvana.

men, women love beautiful, children love toys, old people want to live longer, according to different people find out the weakness of human nature.

to promote the human nature of the weaknesses, to the fullest extent of the giant – Shi Yuzhu.

Shi Yuzhu melatonin is known Wurenbuxiao, its promotion is to focus on using the old people want to live a long heart. Melatonin advertising to convey the two ideas: one is the melatonin is the exclusive health tonic for the elderly, the elderly want health must drink melatonin. The two is to give parents the gift must not send melatonin, farewell, melatonin is the best gift for elders. Therefore, the elderly want their children to buy their own. With the children to honor their parents Chinese tradition, melatonin was successful. Shi Yuzhu firmly hold one’s heart, the weakness of human nature, the achievements of melatonin, but also the achievements of their own. Melatonin advertising although called ten spam, but naobaijin had amazing success.


Shi Yuzhu continue to launch products gold partner, the ad is:

gold partner to send their elders, waist good leg good spirit;

gold partner send lady, delicate ruddy luster;

gold partner to send children, tall long learning.

grasp of human nature of every weakness, also get success.

at the end of 2005, Shi Yuzhu launched a network game "journey", modeled on the front of two kinds of product promotion, the promotion means is hardcore. A sentence that is: martial arts novels in a lifetime of learning style, to promote the play to the extreme. This argument is a bit too, otherwise it will not appear in 2007 "journey" game monthly turnover of up to 160 million yuan sales record. This is what he is good at grasping the weaknesses of human nature, only to achieve the "journey" to promote the great success of online games. At that time, is also a "money" journey "of the road, straight with weakness" as the theme, reports! It is because of the "journey" the success of the game, just laid the Shi Yuzhu worth 50 billion.

To promote the process of

on the "journey" is a classic, I believe we will see the.

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