How to adjust the site structure for statutory holidays

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After the cancellation of the golden week

, part of the long-term tour to participate in the holiday will be shortened due to short-term travel, so that the number of short-term visitors will have a considerable increase.

adjust the draft in cancel 51 golden week at the same time, some traditional lunar festivals as holidays, it is understood that after the adjustment of the Mid Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Qingming will become the new holiday, these festivals will become peak travel, and become a new growth point of the turnover of the travel agency, the travel agency should not be missed to explore these traditional festivals, such as the Mid Autumn Festival, family reunion tour tour launched to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival launched; its inherent traditional culture related to short-term tourism products, tourism market appeared a new tourist attraction.

peripheral destination information attention increases with the way tourism destination guide to the first revision

After the adjustment of the draft

holidays, tourists in the vicinity of the short distance travel destinations tend to significantly enhance the travel, the surrounding destination of the latest information and information services will also put forward higher requirements.

early in the year "eleven" golden week before, with the way travel for the mass tourism planning platform "revision destination guide", which can meet the needs of tourists after short-term travel demand growth, and in the national development and Reform Commission to draft the public holiday adjustment after the first time the first line, further the same way highlights the leading position in the tourism information service.

Since the

with the way travel destination guide "has been launched, with rich information and advanced mode of attracting the attention of users, its unique IP visitors screening technology allows visitors to log in with the way travel home after you can direct inquiries to the edge of the city sights week. After the revision of the "destination guide" style is fresh, set reasonable, powerful, and its tourist departure city added to 130. For each of the city, with the way travel for tourists to recommend about twenty City destinations and about twenty surrounding destinations, as well as ten suitable for short-term travel around the city, each city recommended about ten spots. The file type page to make these scenic attractions of the straightforward, authenticity, timeliness, comprehensiveness and richness in the domestic tourism sites in the leading level, the same way also combine the destination information and electronic map, line, users comments, blog and other users, can be very good meet due to holiday adjustment short-term travel demand growth.

in addition, every Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, the same process will be the first to make special reports, for the scenic holiday users reported, recommended for these holiday travel attractions, travel routes, providing user comments, blog users, while not forgetting the traditional festival contains the history and culture customs.

to reduce the cost of tourists travel new hotel reservation Sync follow up

holiday increases, the number of tourists travel will also have a certain degree of increase, the cost of travel control becomes

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