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saw a lot of people talk about the campus site, although I now have not participated in the construction of the campus site, but recall the construction of the campus site, there are a lot of painful lessons. Here to write to those who want to do some of the campus site. Web site name "* *" instead.

Remember that

is the second (now senior school), suddenly someone come up with a "shopping", a lot of signs advertising. Because this is the first time in the school for the school students’ personal shopping website launched, a famous up, remember the slogan is "shopping, stay at home". I felt the enormous potential of this website, but I also see, did not participate in, just remember which sell things rarely, I also for the way of shopping is not love, why? Because it can sell, I and my girlfriend while visiting the street to the supermarket to buy. Just know: this online shopping is a certain market:

1 do not like to go out, want to be convenient, a phone on the door to the most suitable person.

2 would like to give students or friends, you can buy a direct payment called "delivery" to the past, Valentine’s day or any special occasions this is necessary.

3 for some privacy can not afford to lose their face to buy things outside can also go to * * shopping.

4 some items of the site is lower than the supermarket price, in fact, even a few cents low, others also feel affordable. But also door-to-door, remember to sell the best milk, a box of milk, why? Because a box of milk, go to the supermarket to buy, back to school, it is estimated that not many people would like to, at least, girls do not like.

A major change occurred in the

website, the program set are changed, the original is the style of 800*600, replaced by a new set of 1024*768 style, I also did not participate in the "shopping", and I expected, but did not change the program to the original registered membership information retained. In my opinion, the influence of the reform on the website, but also negative influence. At least in my opinion, the site can not be responsible for my registration information, the site is not reliable. Here if you participate in this website construction, special attention should be paid, but not to a selected system, cannot but do not replace the system, even if the replacement should notice and must keep the data retained.

entered the "shopping" is to find a big banner, "high salaries to recruit technicians, I finally had to go to the interview, the interview when I feel a great sadness, most of the students go to the interview on Web technology is not very understanding, what will be a little bit, does not have the independent development and the ability to modify the program greatly, technicians and technology to recruit number after the failure of left hidden failure. For a campus site, you lost technical support, then you are doomed to failure. At the back, there are basically no more than two

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