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] BBS core tip has experienced the traditional Internet and new social networking sites, micro-blog and other social media rise after the decline of another vertical brand promotion gradually clear up, it is with the development of new wave of mobile Internet mobile App brand promotion.

if someone suddenly told you about the word "brand promotion" you might don’t know what to do, but in life in fact, brand promotion is everywhere, the ads on TV, to the office often appear now promotion is actually a kind of brand promotion.

"the so-called brand promotion, refers to the enterprise to shape their own products and brand image, so that the broad masses of consumers a wide range of activities and processes. Brand promotion has two important tasks, one is to establish good enterprise and product image, enhance brand awareness, reputation and characteristic; two is the final will have corresponding brand name products sold." Via MBA think tank Wikipedia

but with the progress of technology, whether it is the consumer, business, marketing or brand promotion itself has a new huge change. Especially in recent years, experienced in BBS, including the rise of the Internet and the traditional novel, including social networking sites such as micro-blog, social media after the decline of another vertical brand promotion gradually clear up, it is with the rise of the new wave of mobile Internet mobile App brand promotion.

for the Facebook time line before the social media brand promotion and brand promotion geeks park had been introduced in the article we tell you the New York Times, Ford motor and Spotify by using Facebook time line to do the brand promotion of the case, and for the introduction of mobile App brand promotion case is the following.

from the above definition of brand promotion, we can see that the brand has its own App in order to allow consumers to better understand and interact with the brand, and can bring sales value. Along with the arrival of the mobile Internet mobile App era has brought new challenges to the brand promotion, consumers no longer have to accept advertising, publicity and promotion activities, in addition to more accurate and customized, consumers have a change from passive to active, consumers can determine your mobile App retention, consumers whether or not you dominate the interaction and, to some extent can be said is the production of consumers.


so the promotion is not simple please do a mobile App outsourcing company, and then released to the App Store was done with mobile App, it also involves many aspects of creativity, marketing and other factors to consider. In the consumer is so picky and "effort is not enough" in the hands of the competition, if your brand promotion App is just a deal with the product

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