The province’s food industry to implement the food safety law meeting

Hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first. In September 23rd, the newly revised "food safety law" will be implemented on the occasion, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission in conjunction with the provincial food and drug administration, the provincial Food Industry Association, held the province’s food industry in Huzhu Tu Autonomous County to implement the "food safety law" conference.

Xining operating small table relevant provisions


registration of small table should meet the following requirements and standards:

has a fixed place, from the toilet, fixed landfill (station) and other sources of more than 25 meters, the number of business and service area students to adapt, not in the basement or semi basement; the area of the kitchen should be matched with the dining area and supply the number of meals, limited to recruit the number of students is one-time restaurant reception the maximum number of food processing areas; independent compartments place, set up a separate cooking, tableware disinfection cleaning, disinfection and cleaning functions between the equipment size and number should be able to meet the needs;   "small table" independent dining venues and keep clean and tidy, set of water washing facilities, screens, curtains etc. to prevent harmful insects invade the facilities; to lighting, ventilation and smoke exhaust device and effectively prevent flies, dust, waste prevention facilities kitchen should be stored in sealed container; It should be equipped with cold storage facilities, and ensure the raw and cooked stored separately; the main non-staple food should be cooked cooking, no processing or use of food spoilage; food cooked after one-time use, shall not use the remaining food every meal, overnight; the implementation of food sample system; student dining Fencan system, provide clean and the disinfection of tableware for students; establish accounting system; employees obtaining a health certificate before induction. Plainly read more

The public praise of conscientious guardians of civilization

"Uncle, Xining is building a city, please don’t throw rubbish on the ground." "Aunt, give you a pack of paper towels, thank you for putting rubbish into the trash can." Civilized guards walked all the way the public issuance of paper towels, and politely persuade the public of uncivilized behavior, a serious and responsible attitude, attracted public praise repeatedly.

"some of his uncle did not put words to go, some are willing to listen to us. Anyway, I hope people don’t litter." A civilized little guard said. "It doesn’t matter. You’ve been very responsible. I’m sure you’ll know." Zhang Xiaoting, a young defender of civilization, said with a smile.   read more

Xining test scores reflect fair and equitable results announced in July 5th

the morning of June 25th, the Education Bureau of Xining City, Xining City, Xining city Zhaoban Jiaoke organized some of the candidates parents and candidates into the senior high school entrance examination scoring points in Qinghai on behalf of Huangchuan middle school, visit the online marking. After the visit to understand the online scoring, parents praised the online scoring objective, fair and impartial.

it is understood that the online marking is to answer the candidates to scan the card to the system server, the system server to complete the selection of questions (objective questions) automatic scoring. After the scan is complete, marking the teacher according to the system of unauthorized access to network system, and in their computer independent non choice review candidates complete (subjective questions) answer. Each teacher can only see the answer content of their review, not to see the candidates’ information and other teachers on the score of the subject, to ensure the fairness of the score. Non choice after the completion of the automatic marking, board points, points, marking the statistical network management system, the possible error of manual operation is avoided, to ensure the accuracy of the examinee score statistics. All subjects completed the marking, marking the network system will carry out statistical analysis of the scores in accordance with the registration number of each of the candidates, the senior high school entrance examination total score of each candidate generation. read more

Provincial CPPCC eleven session of the grand opening of the five meeting

1 14 morning, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference of the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the fifth session of the grand opening of the conference center in Qinghai in.

eleven session of the CPPCC Provincial Committee of the five meeting should be attended by members of the group of 387 people, up to the number of people in line with the provisions of the number of 306.

9 when the whole assembly in the majestic national anthem opened.

The chairman of

provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ren Qing Jia, Wang Xiaoqing, Luo Zhaoyang, Bao Yizhi, Ma Zhiwei, Ma Changqing, Ren Qing Jie, Li Xuansheng, Zhang Shoucheng, Ji Renfeng, Zong Kang, general secretary Wang Jin on the rostrum. Wang Xiaoqing presided over the general assembly. read more

Xining test driver’s license to increase the difficulty

According to the National Bureau of investigation team in Xining City: Xining city driving test implementation of the Ministry of Public Security issued a number of measures to increase the difficulty of the driver’s license, on the basis of the original increase the exam subjects, difficulty. Driving in order to further improve the quality of teaching, improve the examination pass rate, in the concrete teaching, reduce car number, increase the coach cars, participants Lianju time increased strength, so as to make the teaching cost increase, driving training costs. Survey data show that: in September, Xining driving training fee per month from 2000 yuan (C1) rose to $2500, up by 25%. (author: Lei Youxiang) read more

Xining to the scenic spot of the scenic spot of the Erlang sword

in September 2nd, Xining to the scenic area of the second line of the sword tourist line opened, which is the first line of the province’s tourism passenger line, visitors to the future of Qinghai Lake tourism can choose to increase traffic access.

it is reported that Xining is 136 km away from Qinghai Lake Erlang scenic area, about 2 hours by car, 30 minutes, most of the entire highway, a highway and national highway. In the past tourists to Qinghai Lake tourism, the general choice of Chartered, self driving, group, etc.. Deputy general manager of Qinghai Lake tourism group company Zhang Haisheng introduced, at present, convenient traffic network to Qinghai Lake scenic highway passenger railway + seamless docking has been initially completed in Xining to the bird island of Qinghai Lake scenic tourist railway opened, the railway transportation to Niaodao scenic tourist has reached thousands of people, the fixed line Tourism passenger line opened, will further facilitate the Qinghai Lake scenic tourist travel to solve the traffic problems, return Qinghai Lake travel of tourists, can greatly alleviate the pressure on the reception of Qinghai Lake scenic tourist season. read more

Series of activities to promote community corrections

In order to further promote the work of community correction, community correction personnel to effectively prevent and reduce off pipe, drain pipes and re crimes, even days, East District Bureau of justice jurisdiction of the organization of all community correction personnel to participate in a series of activities, the school education of psychological counseling, to visit the prison, to help the community correction into society as soon as possible. September 12th morning, the reporters came to the service center of East District mental health education at the Convention Center, a vivid and humorous lecture classes have psychological counseling. More than 70 community corrections officers from the district to participate in learning. Reporters saw the hall of psychological counseling class is different from the traditional rational teaching, but through some case, let the students find them in the life of the sources of their emotions, and through the case analysis of the characters in their own shortcomings, so as to ease the mood to work and effect. Shi Liwei, a teacher, said that this kind of psychological counseling can effectively reduce the psychological mood of the correctional staff, and form a long-term psychological service to alleviate the crime rate. The reporter learned from the East District Bureau of justice, for the comprehensive of the community correction personnel helping Chengdong District Justice Bureau has organized community corrections officers to focus on teaching and learning activities, after they will be organized to visit the prison education help from legal education, psychological counseling, set up warning etc..   read more

Promote the work of the province to invest in television and telephone conference stressed the need

6 30, the provincial government held a teleconference to promote the work of private investment, the province to promote private investment related work to re arrange, re deployment. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin attended the meeting and vice governor Yang Fengchun chaired the meeting.

meeting pointed out that private investment is an important component of the whole social investment and promote economic development, adjust the industrial structure, the prosperity of urban and rural markets, expanding social employment an important force. In recent years, the provincial government attaches great importance to continuously improve policies, strengthen the service, the majority of private entrepreneurs for their hard work, the community actively support the province’s non-public economy and private investment development, strong support for the stable and healthy development of the economy and society. read more

The eastern air pollution out of the new three grid pollution extending to the line


September 16th, Chengdong District Environmental Protection Bureau news, in order to make the responsibility of environmental pollution control management extends to the end, to ensure that the first time that the pollution problems and timely investigation, the establishment of the District, East District Town (community) and village (neighborhood) three levels of air pollution as an incorporate governance system of grid regulation, the atmosphere pollution behavior in the bud.

according to reports, the comprehensive management of air pollution level three grid system in east area, a work for the comprehensive management of air pollution leading group arrangements and supervision of the region is mainly responsible for the comprehensive management of air pollution in the implementation of the work; the two level for the Yun Jia Kou Zhen and 12 new communities, mainly responsible for the construction site, demolition within their own jurisdictions the site, coal-fired boilers, small and medium-sized enterprises, catering units of sewage units thorough investigation work; the three level for the 42 neighborhood committees and administrative villages, mainly responsible for the environmental health and greening of residential buildings in the hospital, the air pollution act promptly reported the discovery of. read more