Retailers want to do a good job as usual gifts

although the gift is not a quick sticker, even if the customer to buy, and even not more than a dollar, but if the owner offered the initiative, I believe the customer will be more happy. This is the way of doing business, retail households if you want to make their own shop business is more popular, may wish to give customers a number of gifts.

when customers spend a lot of money in their own store, I think as a retail household should also consider giving something back to them. Especially in the Chinese New Year holiday, the general consumer spending is large, some of the total will be more than a thousand dollars or even thousands of. I do not want to be a retail customer, and so on. Like what calendar painting, tea bottle, couplets, cups, basins, pots and pans and the like can be as a prize, and sometimes even cigarettes, toothpaste and toothbrush line. read more

Shandong innovative marketing model, tourism + railway Baotuan marketing

in our life a lot of city vigorously develop tourism, to promote local economic development, and the railway sector, also need to strengthen their own economic development, so Shandong introduced a new strategy to change the passengers tourists, tourists become passengers. The day before, Shandong officially opened the "Baotuan marketing mode of Travel + railway". In November 10th, the Committee for development of tourism in Shandong province and Ji’nan Railway Bureau jointly carried out by Qilu Gao tieyou, hospitable welcome to Shandong "theme promotion activities, tourism marketing and railway passenger transport marketing combination, can make passengers change can make tourists, tourists become passengers, will achieve a win-win development. read more

One in every 431 people in Tel Aviv

do you know where the world’s most entrepreneurs are? Not America, not China, not europe. The city of Israel in the middle east.

every 1 square kilometers with 19 start-up companies in Israel, the second largest city of Tel Aviv, one in every 431 people in business. These figures allow Tel Aviv to become the world’s largest city per capita entrepreneurs, and in many of the world’s Innovation Award in Tel Aviv, that only 400 thousand of the population of the town, and Silicon Valley, Berlin is considered the world’s most vigorous innovation of all. read more

South Korea in 2016 to choose the fried chicken shop need to handle what procedures

2016 South Korean fried chicken shops need to handle what procedures? With the trend of Korean, Korean fried chicken project has great popularity in the Chinese market, many people doubt the high cost of shop? Join now although fried chicken business is very exciting, but the tedious formalities and the cost of joining, let many people flinch, actually, South Korea joined the formalities are not fried chicken. Special complex, and the cost of joining, as long as not to choose brands KFC McDonald’s, most people still affordable read more

Shanghai city Yangpu District multi-creation space Tencent officially opened

led by the government under the guidance of the majority of civil forces are also involved in the creation of public space and other entrepreneurial platform to build. Tencent, Alibaba, Haier and other giants of the industry led by large enterprises, have invested in the creation of public space, helping young entrepreneurs to play an innovative force.

1 6, located in Shanghai City, Yangpu District Wujiaochang District core Tencent multi-creation space (Shanghai) park officially opened, and the Tencent and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of Yangpu District cooperation Tencent multi-creation space flagship demonstration base ushered in the first batch of entrepreneurs settled. Deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission Xu Ziying, deputy director of the Committee of science and technology Chen Jie, Yangpu party secretary Zhuge Yujie Xie Jiangang, deputy secretary, mayor, deputy mayor Tan Bing, open platform and Tencent general manager Hou Xiaonan, Dashen network president Wang Dong attended. read more