Refuting Wang Tong, Alibaba, B2B is bound to decline

read Wang Tong’s article (Wang Tong: Alibaba B2B inevitable decline  ) I want to explain the following

first, you say you can only say that really do not understand Chinese suppliers and Alibaba English station, of course you do not understand the foreign trade Alibaba, international membership fee is 50 thousand started, but why there will be more cost mainly in advertising and other value-added services, this is the most important station of Alibaba English profit growth point.

second, while Alibaba Chinese station is now the integrity of target is B2B million members of the new growth point of the domestic station membership fee of 2800 yuan / year (Personal Edition 2300 yuan / year), now the domestic Alibaba toll station member 320 thousand, a total profit of 2800*320000=8.9 billion, if we count it, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed Alibaba will make it? The profit point is definitely in the value-added services bidding and gold booth wang. read more

Website design analysis the use of fixed floating windows in the design

fixed floating window is a common technique in web design. It refers to the design of a certain block fixed in the response position of the browser without changing its position with the movement of the scroll bar.

‘s most common fixed floating window design is fixed at the bottom of the browser pop-up ads, such as Sina’s home page will have Sina windows pop-up ad.

recently, Dangdang’s home ads are very strong, most of them fixed at the bottom and both sides of the browser. read more

There are some problems with Chinese webmaster

1 YY without limit. China webmaster always think tomorrow how many million IP. how. Never really done. Every day is a link exchange 1 each month can also exchange 30 links. In a word of Wang Tong is the lack of execution.

2., I am the first in the world. This point is particularly reflected in the Chinese people. Of course, including China’s webmaster. I’m the most cattle. Other people do not have me. You are more YY than me, you are.

3 the world is a big copy. Others have a good idea. Good idea. What is to copy. But this is the traditional virtue of China. Cause now no master. Was willing to share the money thing. Ashared boring does not make money. read more

Tibetan mastiff information network navigation of Tibetan Mastiff – Tibetan mastiff industry to lead

      from to, fortune, these professional navigation station makes the Internet users on the Internet to swim, can easily get the classification information website, is the most convenient way to surf the Internet world. The convenience of navigation station is self-evident. It is the second most convenient information access channel after the search engine!

      Tibetan mastiff is one of the most popular industries in China in recent years. There are countless mastiff parks all over the country, and the Tibetan Mastiff has become a hot and well-known pet champion". In the rapid prosperity of Tibetan mastiff industry, how to quickly acquire Tibetan mastiff breeding information, industry information, Tibetan mastiff price, exhibition information, has become the most urgent need for mastiff owners. read more

My Taobao clothing station can also withstand the storm

A5 brothers and sisters, eldest brother sister-in-law, the younger brother today is carrying a black face, and the upper and lower eyelids in a fight, both hands do not obey the order, in writing this article, very tired………

last night and I have all the analysis about the "small talk clothing station was drop right Google analysis of this article, the thought that 2 to 3 between, due to a corn not timely record, causing the server to stop one day, Baidu will not be worried in the clothing (the effect of, it seems that this is doomed. The server stopped for a day, for new sites, has been Google down right, to prevent the right to drop Baidu, but never expected, the storm in. "The Yangtze River today after several battlefield, it is bring forth the new through the old." Baidu’s "phoenix nest", the Internet’s anti vice, the unrest of the new network. read more

People in the network website operating profit is king

if the webmaster is the most troublesome thing, than the website operation, the website operation is the most headache is profitable, enterprise is also the same. Whether online marketing or Baidu bidding, the purpose is clear, just for profit. No profit, no power, no power, no development, the result must be a dead end. Build a website is premise, operation good website is kingly way, because profit is in operation this link. People in the network as a member of China’s network marketing consultant, today, first of all, the operation of the enterprise website to share, I hope to help you. read more

Discussion where is your way out of the garbage station

does not really have a definite scope for garbage sites, it can be said that people use it. In general, refers to those large numbers, the content of the site is mainly on the collection of other people’s Web site, from content to location, are similar to many websites similar to the "clone" site. This kind of website exists in the Chinese Internet world now, and it shows a low level and bad imitation. It is basically not worth much, so it is not too much to call it "garbage website". Why are there so many garbage sites? I think it may be because of these reasons: read more

s there any need for your SEO blog

many SEO blogs have stopped updating, mostly because there is no new original content to write or have no motivation to continue writing. There are also a large number of SEO blogs being updated, but most of the updates are reprinted or pseudo original. In this case, many SEO blogs that haven’t been updated for a long time are still hanging there. I really can’t think of the goal of hanging a dead blog. Should we ask if our SEO blog is necessary,


1. blog’s purpose: a lot of SEO bloggers open blogs for novelty and show off, and of course, many bloggers do make pocket money to share SEO experiences and get a little bit of SEO for a part-time job. If we define the purpose of our blog, we won’t be confused about whether our blog should be there or not. read more

How to use soft text promotion to bring us great income

with the development of the Internet, traditional advertising has been a great impact, especially in some special industries, such as news, website building and IT industry to the industry, it is the impact of the Internet in a complete mess. It has been predicted that newspaper sources such as newspapers will soon disappear and be replaced by the Internet and mobile internet. Whether the prophecy is effective, but the rise of the Internet is inevitable, unstoppable. And if a business or a small amount of advertising costs into the small and medium-sized enterprises, how can you use the Internet or even the mobile Internet and get benefits, read more

Don’t take advertising too seriously

open the site, see is a sad song, maybe personal website owners really like spring has become the past, in my personal opinion, the Internet has never been the difference between spring and winter. The Internet is a process of converting content into King making money. Some people do not adapt to the change, they shouted "winter is coming". Some people have mastered the rules of the game, they laugh that spring is here.

no advertising alliance in China before, many sites are selected monthly advertising model, because advertising is one of the basic points of the website is very profitable, people into the Internet and personal websites in this industry, a piece of cake, if a few people eat cake, may also play battle, playing awfully, when a group of people snatch perhaps, drop on the cake will be picked on, even the dust is not taken. read more