The site is down right and how to do

once the site is down right is a very difficult thing, I believe that many of the webmaster also met, then the site is down right or to us except calm calm, not too panic, looking for is the most fundamental reason of problem solving.

if you don’t know the specific reason for the right to be reduced, is the first don’t know exactly why be right down, then you have to do is to regularly update the high quality content, said here high quality content refers to high quality original content, do not reprint at this critical moment, everyone love is love know Shanghai original content. According to your actual situation, regularly update, must pay attention to regular updates. Your time is more than a day update several pieces, your time is tight little update several pieces, the best update every morning, morning is the best time to love Shanghai included, is also the most active spider foraging time. read more

The search for several reasons for advertising conversion rate is low

love Shanghai in the bidding launch mode is widely matching, accurate matching, phrase matching, broad match is the default, Shanghai set up their own love, forgot to change, many related words will also appear in advertising, IT training institutions, to some repair, barber school flow, the overall low conversion rate.


search for keywords and description determines the population characteristics bring traffic, good keyword analysis, accurate positioning in the customer, in order to make the conversion rate is high, the product description is extended to highlight keywords, can reflect the product advantage in dozens of words, attract the attention of customers. read more

Blog marketing in the Web2.0 era makes your website stand on fireHow to choose advertising alliance

      Fourth: select a responsible union customer service staff. Personally, I think a good customer service. Help yourself will be great. It will help you solve many problems. What’s wrong with the ad code?. I’ll let you know in the first place. Reduce your losses. This is also more critical. I also know several advertising alliance customer service. They often talk and say. Many webmaster is very cattle now. Don’t take it lightly. I don’t think it’s very good. If you want others to respect you, you have to respect others first. Only you make him a friend. He will really serve you. read more

Analysis accelerate website snapshot update four

we do not stop the chain and its fundamental purpose is to let the spider crawling into our website by building the path. Through the promotion of website exposure to increase user clicks, which led to many spider crawling website, so you can continue to update the data in the database search engine, when the accumulated amount of qualitative change, completed a snapshot update. Here I want to say is small, the construction site outside the chain and update the content is the same, to persevere, not three days fishing nets two days of drying or before efforts are likely to come to naught. Furthermore, the number of site outside the chain to moderate, not a sudden change in quantity is outside the chain, either increase or decrease will affect the stability of the site and trust the search engine on the web, which is very conducive to the website snapshot update. read more

On the three page flow and PV value effectively improve skills

simple text for the user is easy to produce fatigue, but also the content is too boring, so bad for the user experience, so I suggest you want to improve the content page flow, multi picture this update brings is the best way. And the graphic form content allows users to browse the text and pictures can be combined to more easily understand the basic meaning, the user experience is very helpful. Article two the same content, with a picture showing a just plain text, if you are a user, you are more willing to which a reading? And graphic form content can make the original quality of sublimation, easier to stick to the user site traffic and PV were obviously the rise. read more

Learn how to customize the site optimization three norm optimization

custom is to catch the spider spider love things

why do we want to customize the chain, this is because if our website one day without friends support but also talk about development? Website and life is the same way, only can promote the development of the website constantly expand their relationship, we are in the process of customization of the chain must implement the the truth in life: not the chain, the high quality of the chain, love Shanghai approved user acceptance of the chain, then the chain is not us, we are in the process of customization of the chain must be rational, pay attention to the chain wide, but the focus on these processes must adhere to the rationality of the chain don’t, because the chain lost the ultimate development of the website. read more

8 tips to help you fix the video website optimization

8, use the site map:

1, the use of specific keywords Title:

3, use the keyword as a label:

7, social media sharing and connection:

Regardless of your The use of the

. By keeping your content updates, make the search engine more time to capture video. In turn, this will also attract more audience.

video sharing website and social media sites can be easily integrated. Content can be shared more widely spread, is conducive to the promotion of interaction. Make sure your video by micro-blog, blogs and QQ space to share, it also can get good rankings. read more

Content is king, the enterprise website construction


with the development of electronic commerce, more and more enterprises have their own website, but the enterprise website throughout the Internet, enterprise website really good few. In fact, due to the enterprise site relative to other sites, has the advantages of simple structure, small amount of information, logically speaking, the difficulty is not high optimization. So how do

enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng operation, construction is undoubtedly the most annoying content. For example, the product page, in the peer, often the same parameters are therefore, tens of thousands of, will inevitably lead to content duplication, search engines do not feel fresh, it means the site to face the difficult problem included. So how to construct the enterprise website content? read more

Analysis on the factors of website optimization included reducing

space for the website included, is certainly one of the most important factors. The premise of the site is included in the website is certainly the first spider crawling can smooth their own website, but if your site open speed is too slow, don’t have the patience to climb the spider successfully complete a web site. So in the analysis of website optimization in the process of the self reduction, check their space access speed, there are many webmaster tools can query.

factor of a space access speed of read more

As the new station should be how to optimize ranking

b: content and keywords.

c: website layout and chain.

Analysis of the Analysis of

a: domain name.

The analysis of

we all know as a webmaster to manage a station is very hard, every aspect of the plan, and to make long-term investment to work station. So as a new webmaster should be prepared to work hard. The new optimization requires you to pay more effort. How to optimize the new station was more to get good rankings.

site after the site of the station outside the station and optimize, the effect should be better. According to the analysis of the results relative to optimize website will be more objective, to fill up the shortage as soon as possible. For the new station station optimization is more important. read more