love Shanghai to speed up the network that included stones

the past many predecessors experience teach us how to speed up the collection, love Shanghai posting, link, submission, chain and so on some methods, here I want to tell you one of the most simple method, that is to skip over all the details, as long as a trick: to release the soft high weights of the station, is so simple, I a station, just released a soft article the next day included my home page, which I recommend is Admin5, indeed, Admin5 is one of the best places to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, compared to also have a lot of high weight website, I suggest here is Admin5, this is my the real collection method, just a day included my station, there are a lot of friends and above all that data. To love Shanghai included entrance to submit your site, this is a really effective method, but is to attract the spider crawling your content to review your site, accept the inspection of love in Shanghai, Admin5 and other high weight site posted on your information, is undoubtedly a strong chain as we all know, the role of the chain, content is king, the chain for the emperor’s heart is not nonsense, while Admin5 is a cluster of webmasters treasure, there are a lot of original content, is the portrayal of the webmaster experience, on the one hand is the base for learning another station acquisition Admin5 article so, also give you increased the chain, the chain as easy as blowing off dust can bring more for themselves, attract spider. read more

Modify the site title to have influence ranking really

The website

from the two images can be seen in the site inside or slightly modified, but there is no what content, but the website will not be actually love Shanghai right down, but was ranked in the home page, really think impassability.

can be seen from the figure, the site’s title and description (as of November 1st before no screenshot) is:

this morning and then I see in the screenshot, screenshot of it before November 1st. The following figure: read more

Optimization is the user experience Say my heart is how the Shanghai Dragon

from the 09 year officially resigned from the envy of all civil servants at work, directly into the industry in. In resigning, many of my friends have said do not understand very much to me, a high salary to work undone, why choose the webmaster of this industry? This is my personal character so, perhaps watching martial arts movies, let your heart be the dream of rekindling worship. Anyway, after more than two years of bumps, now officially halted in this industry. Which also thanks to a few good friends without help, one little mo (friend) is he brought me into this industry. Good to come to the point, after two years of practical optimization, individuals also have some understanding of their own for the optimization of course for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon this tool, many owners will regard it as the only tool for ranking, in fact I think, little Shanghai dragon, the website can also be optimized successfully, is not no Shanghai dragon the site, can not live, the key to seriously, Shanghai dragon is only some contents of website promotion tools, only the factors affecting the site development, it is the user experience. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform add welfare website to verify the upgrade

site? The

two, how to verify your

is currently the site to verify the three ways: document verification, verification and validation of CNAME HTML tags.

2, validation information is not expired in May 30th after the new verification or re verification of the website, the authentication information will not expire.

1.: you need to download the file verification validation file, upload the file to your server, placed in the root directory of the domain name.

2.html tag verification: the tag and tag HTML tag added to the web page HTML code. read more

Junior high school graduate from 800 yuan to 16 billion 800 million Austrian flying entertainment, C

undeniably, some sites targeted traffic is relatively poor, consumption is low, or that the quality of traffic is not high. Site sales conversion rate can be different, but if there is considerable traffic, but only in exchange for between a small number of website alliance, the appropriate income is not found, it must be a problem. For example, the railway station is usually a big traffic place, and the people in the railway station don’t go shopping. To open stores in the train station, the large amount of traffic ordinarily is relatively low quality of traffic. In fact, such a huge flow of shops, will not sell anything. The key is to find out what these people need. They don’t need to buy cell phone TV, but they probably need to buy a lunch drink. read more

My friends, your website is built for users


in fact, do you think? Even if you through the chain, chain, and even Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, caters to the search spiders, get high quality web pages included, rankings, although this result is not likely, I will suppose it has become a fact, right through the user search keywords determined to enter your site, but the fly again, but could not find what they want to know the content, or even can not fundamentally solve the problem of search to him, do you think he will stay to bring effective flow conversion rate? You want to get the so-called "dead" the flow of it, I think certainly not. If we return to the purpose of the site, to work on site specific user groups to provide available, go to the station and to solve particular problems as user attitude, I believe that in time you outside of the chain will be imperceptibly. read more

nterpretation what is Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Longfeng commentary: Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization): Chinese translation for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a method to improve the website in the relevant search engine within the natural ranking of the current way of using search engine rules. Objective to understand the Shanghai dragon is to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, and obtain the brand gains; Shanghai Longfeng contains two stations outside Shanghai station and Shanghai dragon dragon; Shanghai dragon refers to in order to get more free traffic from search engines, reasonable planning from the website structure, content construction scheme, user interactive communication, page view, make the site more suitable for search engine indexing principles of behavior; make the site more suitable for search engine indexing principle is also known as search engine friendly, search engine friendly can not only improve the effect of Shanghai dragon, will make the search related websites engine information display more attractive to users. read more

ntelligent search engine optimization will become the mainstream direction in advance

is the last to know how to give up to optimize the habits of the past, because for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, when a thing very skilled, it is easy to form inert, when to get a new website to optimize, easy to use once successful optimization methods, such as the increase in the number of the chain the site, a collection of web content, and even the establishment of sprocket way to accelerate weight transfer, in the intelligent search engine optimization, it has certain opportunistic need to give up completely, in the optimization work to the mind to. read more

New station to love Shanghai normal included out of the sandbox

!As a new

blog. Registered some high weight website space (such as the Shanghai love space, Sina blog, blog, blog and other Sohu NetEase). A blog takes a long time to take effect, so we should stick to update the blog content for your blog included as soon as possible. Generally speaking, create love Shanghai space within a few days can be included. I love Shanghai to space is a registered a year ago, at present has not yet been included, think to let yourself be included space also need some skills, such as registration, love Shanghai space trumpet to reproduced and commented on his article, I was in love with the sea in this way included, everyone you can try the next time. You can create a new station with their web related love Shanghai in space and space, add some articles and attach their site. Love in Shanghai included space will also find links to your site. Through this process, about a week or so can be included in the love of Shanghai. The station on the line for five days, the home is love Shanghai included. read more

More than 5 years of accumulation of Shanghai dragon let me understand adhere to the three Shanghai

Shanghai Dragon technology knowledge of the point more than 100, the core knowledge of several. We have to do is how to put these core knowledge into full play, I have the following suggestions:

Progress in the

second, the core technology of Shanghai Dragon

Exploration of The above is my

first, Knowledge has no limit., continuously improve the vision of

third, attention and study the marketing strategy of

1, Shanghai dragon basic skills, and not all of these knowledge used in the site, some sites because the program problem not all applications, we study Shanghai dragon based aim is try not to make mistakes such as the website, you can not do 301 jumps, but when the anchor text is to unify the preferred domain. read more