Buy it Where You Burn it campaign aims to control insects

first_imgOLYMPIA — Oregon State University researchers recently revealed a study showing public responsiveness to a campaign against invasive wood-boring insects and diseases that could infest and destroy local forests.The Washington Invasive Species Council teamed up with agencies in Oregon and Idaho last July to spread the Don’t Move Firewood Education and Outreach Campaign throughout the Pacific Northwest. The project focuses on preventing a list of more than a dozen particularly threatening insects and diseases from reaching the three states in firewood carried in from other states, regions, or even foreign countries.Invasive species agencies throughout the three states want to encourage campers to not transport wood to faraway campgrounds and burn all their wood before leaving a campsite. They set up billboards and posters with the slogan “Buy it where you burn it” at state parks and national forests throughout the Pacific Northwest. Included on the list of target species is a range of insects with names as innocuous as the oak splendor beetle and diseases with names as nefarious as sudden oak death. Though small and often unseen, the insects pose a serious threat, said Wendy Brown, the council’s executive coordinator. They devour trees, bit by bit. Even worse, since they are not native to the area, they have no natural predators to keep their population sizes under control, so an infestation can become devastating.last_img read more