BEN KEITHS BLOG Things have changed

first_imgBlog, what’s the Tory, Energy and Business Minister, Michael Fallon, moaning about? He’s telling customers to boycott electricity supplier, SSE, because they have put prices up by over 8%. Now, SSE managing-director, Will Morris, has fired straight back with his response. He has said that the rise in price isn’t to improve his company’s profit, it is actually to cover all of the green taxes and obligations, that have been imposed upon him.It all comes back to the ‘Theys’ again, doesn’t it, Blog? The whole time, we hear people saying ‘THEY should put more money into the NHS’, ‘THEY should do this for the schools’, ‘THEY should do this or that for the environment’. I’m all for saving the hedgehog, it’s FINE. BUT, someone’s got to pay for it, the money has to come from somewhere, and I LOVE IT, when for once, rather than being quietly forced upon the top-level tax-payers, as usual, it’s actually distributed for ALL to pay equally. Star Racing Ltd can only be milked of so much money to prop up all the unlucky-faces, so I’m afraid that everyone will have to pay for themselves on this one, and consider whether they’re quite so keen now on all the money the government parts with for the ‘green mafia’.In other news:As far as I’m concerned, in my megalomaniacal world, amongst the billions of layabouts, there is only one who would be within his rights to turn up for a day’s work at Star Sports, looking like a long-haired, scruffy, dizzy drongo. Of the mass, the one who has actually produced the goods and isn’t just another pretender or member of the lost; That man is the greatest song-writer ever to draw breath; Bob Dylan. Otherwise, when such looking characters turn up for interviews at Star, unless I mistake them for the great man himself, I advise them that they will be returning for the first day, of their new life, to join working society, having had a shave, short back ‘n sides, and minus the grungey voice or look in their eyes,…thank you.On a rainy day in Menorca, I will leave you (till next time) with one my favourite songs of his; ‘Things have changed’. If only!!B xlast_img read more