Levittown Man Gets Life in Prison for Plot to Kill Judge, Prosecutor

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A Levittown man was sentenced Monday to two terms of life in prison for conspiring to murder the United States District Judge and federal prosecutor involved in his fraud conviction two years ago. Joseph Romano was convicted in January for plotting to pay an undercover police officer $40,000 to kill the judge and prosecutor and to cut off each of their heads for a “bonus,” prosecutors said. Authorities became aware of the 51-year-old’s murder-for-hire plot in August 2012 through an inmate at the Nassau County Correctional Center where Romano was being held. A meeting between the informant and Romano, which had been recorded by the FBI, revealed that the convicted fraudster had specific requests in mind. According to prosecutors, the judge and prosecutor were to be tortured, murdered, mutilated, and beheaded. During the investigation, two undercover officers posing as hit men met repeatedly with Romano and Dejvid Mirkovic, his co-conspirator, and discussed payments for the murders and a separate assault. One of the officers was paid a $1,500 down payment for the assault and received a final payment after showing Mirkovic a staged photograph and identification card as proof of the assault. Later that day, Mirkovic relayed instructions to murder the judge and prosecutor. Mirkovic was sentenced in August to 24 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to murder. Romano was previously convicted in February 2012 in Central Islip to 15 years in prison for a multi-million dollar fraud involving the telemarking of coins.last_img read more

Moratorium on loans – We have investigated how many banks can meet the tourism sector?

first_imgTo its clients, including natural persons engaged in tourism, who have so far duly settled their obligations, but whose income and business are affected by the current circumstances related to the coronavirus epidemic or the aftermath of the Zagreb earthquake, Erste Bank allows deferred repayment of credit obligations in lasting from three to a maximum of six months, with an expiration date of no later than 1.10.2020. During the period of delay, clients do not pay their annuities, and only regular interest is charged, which is due together with the last annuity and can be paid once or in agreement with the bank, using some other options. There is no charge for the change per loan, and taking into account the fact that the notarial fee in these circumstances is a significant item for citizens, the cost of solemnization for loans where this is required is fully borne by Erste Bank. However, the situation with the Covid19 epidemic has hit the tourism sector the hardest, and what was unthinkable until recently happened – that tourism has literally stopped globally. And thus logically stopped, both current and future income of entrepreneurs in tourism. For business entities, assistance measures relate to vulnerable activities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and clients whose business relies on these activities. To apply for any assistance measure, the client should document the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on business. Business entities in PBZ can apply for three Measures: The demands and expectations of the entire tourism sector, which is currently without income, are an understanding of the current situation, and they expect the same from their partners. Of course, even banks cannot forgive debts and operate without income, and mutual understanding is certainly needed for this extraordinary situation, which no one could have foreseen. Erste Bank bears the cost of solemnization Zagrebačka banka Measure 2. liquidity preservation loans (new funds for working capital with a maturity of up to 6 years) And OTP banka without additional costs of verification of the annex to the Loan Agreement Of the nearly 9000 loans for which a deferral request has been filed so far, less than 100 relate to tourism loans. Reasons for requesting a deferral of repayment may be: temporarily reduced or suspended salary by the employer, loss of employment, decline in income with craftsmen, decrease in other income (eg from renting, etc.). When it comes to clients who belong to business entities by segmentation, OTP banka started receiving applications for assistance measures through the FINA application at the beginning of April, and in direct contact with its business advisors, clients started plans for the best business solution for the current situation. regardless of whether they are from the tourism or some other economic sector. In order to maintain business continuity and preserve jobs in the Republic of Croatia, including the tourism sector, Hrvatska poštanska banka enables the contracting of assistance measures to its clients whose business is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including clients dealing with tourism. All clients whose financial situation has been seriously damaged or who have been left without a regular income, they personally or a member of their household can apply for a moratorium. As of April 1, OTP banka dd used an online application on its website to enable the registration of its clients without the need to come to the branch and without the additional costs of verifying the annex to the Loan Agreement. The only obligation of the clients is to sign the annex to the Loan Agreement after the settlement of the current situation, when the conditions for that are met. To use the loan repayment deferral, citizens need to sign up at the bank’s website, on which it was developed online form which needs to be filled out. The form will need to be accompanied by appropriate evidence showing that the epidemic and / or earthquake has worsened their financial situation, in the form of a reduction in income, job loss or, for example, damage caused by the earthquake. Documentation which can be attached as evidence is shown along with an online form, along with a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Upon receipt of the request, the bank will review the submitted documentation and contact customers with instructions on further steps. Regular interest is charged but not charged. Upon the expiration of the deferral, the interest repayment is not attributed to the principal but is allocated to the remaining loan term, and the corresponding part of the interest matures together with the regular annuity / installment after the expiration of the deferral. No regular interest is charged on the allocated interest in the remaining repayment period. In addition to the stated deferral of repayment on loans, the Bank provided to the users current account overdrafts, maintaining the existing overdraft amount regardless of the change in income for the next 6 months. It should be added that the loan repayment is delayed in PBZ  free of charge and at no cost of solemnizing the addendum to the contract.  The process of approving the loan repayment deferral to all eligible clients, as they point out from PBZ, is simple and automated, and the online form of the Request for deferral of loan repayment to citizens is available on the Bank’s website. In addition to the online request for deferral of repayment, the request can also be submitted at the Bank’s branches. This refers to annuities maturing in the period from April 1 to June 30, 2020. Clients can submit a moratorium request online or by mail by June 30, 2020. During the moratorium period, clients pay neither principal nor interest on the loan. 1. Deferred repayment (moratorium) and possible debt rescheduling for eligible clients. The duration of the moratorium depends on the client’s activity, ie the degree of influence of the circumstances related to the COVID-19 epidemic on the client’s overall business and on his expected ability to recover. The possibility of debt rescheduling may be subject to the provisions of the credit / guarantee program on the basis of which the loan was initially approved and the approvals of third parties (eg HBOR, etc.). During the moratorium, the Bank will not charge or charge default interest rates or fees of any kind on loans for which a moratorium has been approved. Sberbank provided for all types of loans, including tourism, a three-month deferral of repayment or a moratorium on loans to clients who were in good repayment, with an extension of the loan repayment period by three months. All received customer requests are processed as soon as possible, and for more detailed information, customers can directly contact their business relationship manager at HPB or visit the website www.hpb.hr Raiffeisen Bank creates a program and special measures for the tourism industry Also, according to pre-agreed eligibility conditions and insurance costs, the Bank will independently decide on loans that will be included in the loan portfolio provided by HBOR up to 50 percent of the principal amount, regular contractual interest, intercalary and pending interest. The secured portfolio under this program may include new liquidity loans with a grace period of up to one year and a repayment period of up to five years. Upon expiration of the three-month moratorium, the Bank will allocate the unpaid accrued interest during the moratorium to the remaining annuities until the end of the loan repayment. The final loan repayment date will be extended by a three-month moratorium. If the deferral of repayment refers to annuities maturing after June 30, 2020, it is necessary to follow the news on the Bank’s official website www.sberbank.hr which also contains all the necessary information on the deferral of payment of financial obligations, as well as the Request for a three-month moratorium. Zagrebačka banka will assess the individual situation of each of our clients, always act in the best interest of all and act correctly in relation to all our stakeholders. Zagrebačka banka points out that the health and well-being of their employees and clients are their main priorities and adds that the Bank has prepared a comprehensive package of measures to support consumers and businesses affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in order to continue helping and supporting their clients during this period of instability. 2. Liquidity credit lines in cooperation with competent state agencies and development banks accompanied by guarantee schemes and other risk coverage. HPB will limit the limits on tacit overdrafts of current accounts of clients keep at the same amounts So let’s go in order:   OTP banka accepts applications for moratoriums on all types of loans for citizens, which include our tourist loans. At this point, citizens can opt for a moratorium lasting 3 or 6 months. During the moratorium, regular interest is calculated, which is paid after the expiration of the moratorium, evenly distributed over the remaining annuities. If the client does not like the future monthly annuity to be increased, he can keep it at the level of the previous one, by agreeing to extend the loan payment for the duration of the moratorium or up to a maximum of 12 months.center_img To all credit users (citizens / consumers), whose loans are in regular repayment and whose financial situation has deteriorated due to reduction or complete loss of income due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, PBZ Bank will allow deferral of payment of loan principal and related interest and overdue loan obligations not paid until approval requests for deferral of repayment of loan obligations. Deferment of repayment will be allowed for a period of three months, with the automatic possibility of extension for an additional three months. Measure 1. deferral of loan payment (or moratorium), deferral of payment of loan installments and interest for 6 months, in the period of deferred repayment of interest is calculated but not charged, the agreed interest rate does not change, there is no fee for processing the request. In addition to the above, PBZ also allows for the extension of overdrafts and revolving for 3 months. The Bank will suspend all forced collection measures (for citizens and businesses) in the forthcoming period and will instruct clients with repayment difficulties to use the offered deferred payment measures. Currently, it is small and medium-sized enterprises in tourism that are most affected. The pre-season has failed, and the question is when and how many tourist activities will be in the main tourist “peak”, and these same entrepreneurs do not have large or any financial reserves to survive until next year. Measure 3. reprogram credit (additional facilitation of repayment of existing long-term loans). Sberbank – the final loan repayment date will be extended for a three-month moratorium As every year, various micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in tourism are financially committed to investing in raising quality (arranging accommodation, catering facilities, building swimming pools, new tourist facilities) in order to have new added value in the new tourist season. Our inquiry was answered by six banks that offer or are preparing to offer a loan repayment deferral. Although the conditions in all banks are very similar, there are certain differences that should help borrowers. More information on these measures can be found at: https://www.zaba.hr/home/posebne-mjere-potpore-za-klijente-potrosace-i-poslovne-subjekte In order to further meet its customers, HPB will keep the limits on tacit overdrafts of current accounts of customers at the same amounts and those customers whose overdrafts would expire or be terminated in the next three months, stopped sending reminders in the next three months and stopped charging default. interest to all clients on loans from April 1 to June 30, 2020. HPB provides its clients – business entities, including those engaged in tourism, with a moratorium on the repayment of total credit indebtedness without payment of principal and interest, as well as the rescheduling of credit indebtedness. These measures are approved for a minimum period of three months from the contracting, and the right to implementation can be exercised by business entities that were in order to settle obligations to the Bank on 31.12.2019. and those whose operations have already been affected (realized decline in revenues in March 2020 compared to March 2019) or will be affected by the coronavirus pandemic (expected revenues for 2020, including emerging circumstances, are lower than planned revenues for 2020).Additionally, in order to facilitate the repayment of financial liabilities of business clients, the Bank in the period from 1.04. to 30.06.2020. does not calculate default interest on credit-guarantee and payment-turnover products of all clients. PBZ banka retains the existing overdraft amounts regardless of the change in income Submission of Requests for business entities is enabled through internet banking through an automated processing process, in which case the processing can be completed within 24 hours. Requests submitted via email are processed within 2-3 days if the client has completed all the information required in the Request. The application is made on the FINA on-line portal for all three Measures, and for the Measure of deferral of loan payment, the Application must be submitted directly to the Bank. The process of submitting a Payment Deferral Request is fully supported by our online communication channels. From Raiffeisen Bank, whose pandemic mitigation measures you can read more about at this connectors, addressed us with a short statement which we transmit in full: The moratorium on loans is a current topic and is still the subject of numerous inquiries. It is necessary to submit documentation that can support the reason for requesting a postponement: employer’s confirmation or a copy of the salary statement or review of account turnover or JOPPD form showing visible reduction of income, termination of employment contract or confirmation from the stock exchange, decision on temporary closure, a document by which the employer announces a reduction in income due to the current situation, etc. And that is exactly why we decided to investigate how much banks in Croatia are ready to meet the needs of their loan users. More details on PBZ assistance measures for citizens are on the links. Private landlords, as well as all other clients of Zagrebačka banka, can exercise the right to a moratorium under Covid19 conditions. Of course, no one could have expected such a situation, so everyone made plans and financial projections, based on the security and growth of tourism in Croatia, where we have a record tourist season from year to year. Small businesses can apply for one of the two measures offered: Measures to help facilitate the repayment of financial obligations are intended for clients – individuals, users of tourist loans and subsidized loans by the Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with HBOR. The Bank enables the extension of the loan repayment period with a reduction of monthly annuities, a moratorium on repayment of the loan principal with monthly interest payment, whereby clients are granted an adequate extension of the agreed repayment period and a moratorium on repayment of total debt with interest expiration. At the moment of the beginning of the implementation of the measure, we will timely inform our clients of the tourist business through our official channels. More detailed information is available at websites Additionally, Zagrebačka banka and HBOR concluded yesterday, April 28 Export Liquidity Loan Portfolio Insurance Agreement – COVID – 19. This agreement is made possible faster and easier approval of new loans to preserve the liquidity of exporters.Using HBOR’s insurance, the Bank will, based on its own criteria and business policies, approve new liquidity loans to clients in various industries, including the tourism sector, which generate at least 20 percent of export revenues.  At Raiffeisen Bank, we are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant consequences for the tourism sector as well. That is why we are currently working intensively on creating programs and special measures that will be aimed precisely and exclusively at the tourism industry with the aim of facilitating business and providing support to all clients operating in the tourism sector. Conclusion Finally, it is important to point out that for new loans to the tourism sector, it should certainly be taken into account that it would be ideal for loans with a grace period of at least 12 months, ie until the spring of 2021 when the tourism market is expected to reactivate. realistically, the tourism sector will only then receive a certain cash flow, so that they can repay their financial obligations.last_img read more

Back to school for Suarez in bid for Juventus move

first_imgTopics : Barcelona forward Luis Suarez is due to sit a language test on Monday in a bid to obtain Italian citizenship that would enable him to move to Serie A champions Juventus, Italian and Uruguayan media said Sunday.There have been widespread reports that Juventus are chasing the 33-year-old Uruguayan who, if the moves go through, would line up alongside defender Giorgio Chiellini, the Italy defender he famously bit in a World Cup match in 2014.However, Juventus have already used up their limit of two non-EU signings following the arrival of Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo and U.S. international Weston McKinney and would only be able to add Suarez if he can obtain an EU passport. The media reports said that Suarez is eligible for Italian naturalization as his wife is a citizen of the country, although it was not clear how the process, which usually takes several years, would be completed in one month.The Uruguayan television program Polideportivo, as well as several Italian newspapers, said on Sunday that Suarez would take a level B1 Italian test — regarded as lower intermediate and the minimum level required — on Monday.The new Serie A season starts on Sept. 19 although the transfer window does not close until Oct. 5.last_img read more