Police arrest man who walked over 300 miles to have sex with a 14-year-old

first_imgThe Winnebago County Sheriff’s department is reporting that they have arrested a 32-year-old man who reportedly walked over 300 miles to meet and have sex with an internet user he believed was a 14-year-old girl.The incident occurred in early October.Officials say Tommy Lee Jenkins was communicating with a Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputy who told Jenkins that they were a 14-year-old girl named “Kylee” who lived in Neenah, Wisconsin with her mother.  At some point during their communications which were all of a sexual nature, Jenkins asked if the “teen” would like him to come to Neenah to have sex.   After the “teen” agreed, Jenkins began walking from Whitestown, Indiana to Wisconsin, which is 351 miles away.Jenkins took several selfies during his journey and sent them to the teen as he made his way to her town. Once he arrived, he was arrested.“Our nation faces an epidemic of child sexual abuse, with the Internet making it too easy for predators to communicate with children across the country,” United States Attorney Matthew D. Krueger said in a statement. “The Justice Department is committed to working with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to prosecute child sexual abuse aggressively.” Jenkins has since charged with using a computer in an attempt to persuade, induce or entice a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years behind bars. He is scheduled to appear in federal court on October 23th.last_img read more

Local Curves facility invests in new technology

first_imgCurves, the workout facility specifically for women, is being heralded for its innovative technological advancements. The investment is sure to streamline operations and offer so much more value for clients.   The Grand Forks location has fully implemented a new computerized personal trainer. Called CurvesSmart, this revolutionary personal training equipment follows each individual client, alters the intensity of specific exercise machines, and produces an easy-to-understand printout displaying areas of strength, improvement, and focus.   Each workout machine has a monitor which records information about energy level and range of motion. It sends that information into computer software to plot basic info like number of calories burned, but also whereabouts on your body lay strengths, and which muscle groups need improvements.   “This new technology is so in tune with the client, that it can tell if an injury is inhibiting range of motion on a particular workout. It recognizes it (the injury), formulates a strategy to slowly improve that overall area and helps overcome deficiencies,” explains Curves of Grand Forks owner Myrna Logan. Logan is thoroughly impressed with the system, not because of how proficient it is at the job, but because, “People are always happy with results. The CurvesSmart system is providing a way to track and improve fitness results.”   Manager Sonya Wood is in agreement. “It’s been kicking butt,” she exclaims, “It’s kicked my butt!” The monitor sends the information to computer software, but also doubles as a motivator. Like a stoplight, there is a lighted system on each monitor letting the individual know whether they are failing in red, to pick it up in yellow or stay in the green. “We go for green; and by always attempting to achieve that peak point, the workout is so much more intensified,” Wood explains.   Sceptics shouldn’t be alarmed at the motivating function. There are four general levels of intensity to begin with, and CurvesSmart will work with the individual within those parameters to maximize that level of fitness. If underachieving, the client will return to a lighter workout; if overachieving, the client is bumped up into the next class.   “This system is a highly skilled personal trainer without the expense,” acknowledges Logan. “Our membership monthly rate is comparable to an hourly rate for a human trainer.”  So confident are the staff at Curves that women will identify with the circuit and the new CurvesSmart system, they are offering free demonstrations all month. Interested women should call 250-442-8946 to book an appointment for a guided tour and demonstration.last_img read more